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Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, April 1st

After this miserable winter and the fact that some of us haven’t been eating well, I think we are in need of another “Fat Ass Challenge”.
If we get this going quickly we’ll all be in shape for the summer.
Everyone should do this, there’s no reason not to. All of us tend to eat crap over the winter and add some tonnage so, everyone get involved in this.
It’s crazy to me how so many people put time into every other aspect of their lives except their health. That’s just absurd.
The most important thing in your life should be your health, not money, vacations or eating poorly (yes, eating shit is actually important to some people).
I’ll come up with a challenge and we’ll get it going next week.
Do it. Do it. Do it.


4 Rounds each for time:
400 m Run
25 Air Squats
20 Push ups
-Rest 2 minutes after each round-

Record Slowest round.
Pacing is key!
Row 500/400 or 25/20 cal bike
depending on the weather.

4 Rounds:
(:20 on/:10 off)
DB Floor Press

*Rest is in pressed out locked out position
Then …
4 Rounds:
(:20 on/:10 off)
Banded Tricep extensions

*Rest is in extended locked out position

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 29th

You guys ever watch that show “Man vs. Food” with Casey Webb or the first dude, Adam Richman? It’s great, I love it.
The best part of the show is the food challenge at the end of the show. The best is when the food he has to eat to win the challenge is a spicy food. The other foods are great also, like the gigantic 30 inch, 11 lb pizza, but when he eats a ton of spicy food, it’s hysterical.
They start off talking shit, then once the spices kick in their faces turn red, they start sweating, and then they start breathing heavy.
By the time they worked there way through a good portion of the food the faces are beat red, they’ve repeatedly wiped their foreheads, their bellies have actually grown in a noticeable size, they try to use milk as a suppressor, and they can barely chew the food they have in their mouth. Then, they usually throw in the towel if it’s just to spicy and they look like they need to nap for a week.
If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it.
Imagine people that eat like this everyday, because they’re out there all over the place.
Imagine what that does to your body, constantly stuffing your face over and over again. Not only everyday but people do this every meal.
Think about what your body has to go through just to break all that food down.
If you’re body can still manage to go on living, think about how good people would feel if they ate well all the time.
Think about how much less effort our bodies have to go through breaking down healthy foods instead of shit.
Do most people think about what’s going on inside after they eat or do they just eat and wish for the best?
I’m curious myself.


Every 2 minutes
6 Rounds
2 Power Cleans each round @85-90%


Every 2 minutes
6 Rounds
15/12 Cal Bike (Sprint)
6 Bench Press (155/105 or 55-60%)
Record your slowest round
Scale Bike to finish in 45 seconds

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 17th

Who’s having trouble eating well?
Who’s actually trying to eat well?
Who’s upset that they aren’t changing the way they look from working out?
Who doesn’t give a shit?

If you are having trouble eating well you have to get rid of all the shit in the house. It’s hard enough to eat well if you have a private chef cook for you. It’s almost impossible to eat well with your cabinets filled with shit, only a few steps away.
You gotta change the worst habit everyone has, snacking after dinner time. Change that habit, once you figure out what to do to replace the snacking habit it will only take several days to adopt the new one.

Did you come up with a good enough reason to eat well? Without a reason, this shit ain’t gonna happen.
One good reason might be, if you’re old like myself and want to extend your life, eating healthy might help.

Here’s another tip that goes along with eating well and a healthy lifestyle.
Ya know those centenarian people? One thing they all seem to do well is deal with stress.
They stay positive in stressful situations.
Between eating shit and dealing with stress everyday, no wonder there are so many diseases out there.
So, if looking great doesn’t interest you, maybe longevity does?
Whatever the reason is, just figure one out cause ya can’t just continuously keep eating shit.


Option 1:
20 mins to find your 1 rep max Front Squat
Remember this number.
Or, if 1 rep maxes don’t tickle your fancy, then do
Option 2:
6 sets x 3 reps
Increasing weight each set


11 min Amrap
10 Hang Power Snatches
15 Wall Balls

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 16th

The nice weather came early, now there’s no time!
If you would have started eating well last Wednesday, you would have had a week under your belt already!
Why don’t you listen?? Now you’re going to be pissed that you waited so long. It’s fine, I’m just sayin.

The bikes and rowers are all being serviced this week.
It would be great if the last rower that has not been returned yet
happened to show up this week so it can be serviced as well.
Ben is only here for the next couple days, so let’s try and get that rower back sooner than later.


18 Min Amrap
200 Meter Run
15 Toes To Bar

200 Meter Run
12 Pull ups

200 Meter Run
9 Burpees

then …
4 Sets
15 DB Floor Press
15 DB Bent Over Rows
15 Single arm Dumbbell Curls

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 15th

What is more important to you, your nutrition or your training?
Do you train so you can eat shit and hopefully not gain weight?
What are your fitness goals?
Are you trying to look better or do you train for health reasons alone?


Power Cleans
6 x 6 (6 reps every 2 minutes)
Same weight for all set, 65%.

5 Rounds for time
20 DB Snatch
20 Ab Mat Sit Ups
50 Double Unders

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 14th

How’s your nutrition going?
If you were not eating well, did you start on Wednesday when I posted about it?
This is the 5th day that you would have been eating better, one more week and you’re over the difficult part.
If you did start eating well, let’s drop the cheese, fruit and alcohol.
This is much easier when you get rid of all the crap food in your house. Seriously, if you’ve made the decision to change the way you are going to eat then get rid of the shit, you or your kids don’t need it.
Figure out a strong enough reason to eat well or it won’t work. It may work for a short period of time but without a strong enough “why” it won’t last.
Maybe a good reason to stop eating shit is the havoc sugar causes on your body?
Eat with a purpose, don’t just to stuff your face with crap because it tastes good. Eat well because you want to be healthy, because you want to look and feel better.
Whatever the reason, think of a good one to keep you focused.

We’re starting a squat program. We’ll be squatting on Monday’s and Thursday’s, so if you are interested in squatting heavier make sure you show up on those days. Make sure you keep a log of your 1 rep max


Take 20 minutes to find your 1 rep max
Back Squat
Start with your warm up sets, 10-7-5-3-1-1-1.
Give yourself ample amount of time to warm up before you progress to your max.
Then …
For Time:
Air Squat
Push up
Rope Climbs

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 11th

*Tomorrow we’ll be doing the games wod at 4:30 instead of 6:30pm*
If you are participating, please show up before 4:30.
If you are not participating, move to the side so you won’t be in the way.

Did everyone start eating well?
Cleaning out your cabinets of all the crap food you keep in there?
If you’re issue is snacking at night, it’s a much easier habit to break if you don’t keep shit in the house.


For Time:

21 Pull ups
42 Double Unders
21 Thrusters 95/65
18 C2B Pull ups
36 Double Unders
18 Thrusters 115/75
15 Bar Muscle ups
30 Double Unders
15 Thrusters 135/85

12 Min Time Cap

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 10th

To build on from Yesterday, did everyone start eating well or is this one of those “middle of the week, I’ll start on Monday” type of deals?
That’s nonsense, start now! Then by the time Monday gets here you’ll be five days ahead !
If you insist on a Monday start date, then at least stop snacking at night. Just get rid of that shit, once your done with your last meal, you’re done eating. It makes a huge difference, just in several days.


3 Rounds For Time
Row 1,000 meters
50 Box Jumps 24/20
50 GHD Sit ups

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 9th

It’s time for me to start with the nutrition shit again, I’m fat.
I’m going to assume most of you suffered along with me, and enjoyed the comfort of food.
Thank You for that, so sweet.
Summer is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means. All Spring we tell ourselves, “you’re fat, you need to start eating well for the Summer.”
We make promises to ourselves all Spring, then when Summer comes, forget it! You’re so pissed off and so disgusted in yourself cause you did it again!
I know, I know! But don’t fret, this is typical behavior of most people.
Let’s stop this evil from entering our thoughts ahead of time! Let’s get a jump on it, Start Now!

I’m going to try to keep it different than last time, no anger. Just me tellin you how it’s gonna be.
Remember, this is what keeps me motivated also.
So, if you haven’t already, let’s get started.
Let’t take a different approach. See how this works, Only eat meat, chicken, fish, nuts and veggies. It is the first week so you can have some cheese, and fruit, oh and alcohol. I know this gets difficult without alcohol, so for now, go ahead.


30 Power Cleans @155/105 (as Quickly as Possible)
then go right into:
15 Rounds of “Cindy”
5 Pull up
10 Push up
15 Air Squats
After every 2nd round of Cindy complete 20 Double Unders
There is no programmed rest at all.

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 8th


Shoulder Press
3 Drop sets/ 3 rounds each set
All three rounds till failure, decreasing the weight each round.
First round should be around 8-10 reps then drop from there.
This is 9 rounds total, rest as needed between Sets
Rest …
On the Assualt Bike:
Perform 130/100 Caloires
Every 2 minutes stop and complete 10 Burpees
Keep it up till you complete the calories

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