Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, December 14th

In case you guys forgot, The Second Kids class will be today at 3:45pm.
The first class was great we could use more kids to play some fitness games.
The rest of December is free.  We won’t be charging for the kids till January so come and at least get the kids involved in fitness.

Hollow Rocks
3 minute plank


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He is survived by his parents, Andrew and Jackie.

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7 muscle-ups

21 burpees
Each burpee terminates with a jump one foot above max standing reach.

5 rounds for time


How to Properly Spot the Back Squat

This is important. When spotting someone it is your responsibility to make sure that whomever you are spotting is safe throughout the movement.

Think about it, when someone asks you to spot them they are putting their safety into your hands. This is why no matter who it is the important thing is to make sure they are safe, whether it be a man or a woman, doesn’t matter try and remember to focus on keeping that person from getting injured.

When Spotting someone in a Back Squat position Stay right behind them, not 5 feet away or what you think maybe appropriate. Stay close behind them not only for them but for you also, in case you have to pull that person up the further away you are the harder it’s going to be on your back to lift them.

So stay solid to the ground, real close to them with your arms underneath their armpits with your hands under their ribcage.

This way when they do need help you can pull into you by pulling up into their ribcage making you and them one unit to help you lift them up, remember the further away you are the harder it is to lift them up.

Another important thing to remember is to hold your breathe and stay tight when they are at the bottom in case you need to quickly lift them up. Just like when you are lifting your own weight and stay tight it doesn’t change when spotting someone.

So hold your breathe, have a solid base, stay real close to them with your arms under their pits and be ready to rock.

Keeping your hands around them the whole time also helps the person lifting feel safe while performing the rep and not have to worry about falling and getting hurt.

I hope this helps. Take it seriously when spotting someone.

Here’s a video to see how to properly spot someone doing a back squat.

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 12th

Today we’ll be starting Crossfit Kids program.  The class will start at 3:45pm and go till 4:30pm.
The class will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Bring your kids down to try it out, it’ll be a lot of fun.

This week is week 3 in the program, somehow there are still some of you guys that don’t have a 1 rep max.
That boggles my mind but it’s ok.


Hollow rock
V Up
3 Minute Plank


Back Squat
80% x 2
86% x 2
92% x 2
97.5x 2

Note:  If you don’t make the 2 reps on the last set that’s ok don’t just try again this week.


17 Min Amrap
30 Double Unders
7    Hang Snatch @135/95
20 Wall Balls       @20/14

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 9th

*****First of all, Because the party is at 7pm tonight at Cafe Testarossa the last night class start at 5:30pm and the gym will close at 6:30pm.
I hope to see all of you guys there, we got Food and Open Bar!  Booya!!!!!

*****Second, This is the last week of the 3:30pm class.  Starting Monday the 12th of December we will be starting a kids class
@ 3:45pm till 4:30pm.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The kids class will be free for the rest of December.  Every child over the age of 10 is welcome.

*****The rest of the schedule for everyday will be the same, The first adult class of the day everyday will start at 4:30pm and
the classes that follow will be the same as normal.

*****Here’s another thing that bothers me a bit.  All you members in the gym that are of the female gender here’s a little tip from yours truly.
You are women, not little parakeets.  If you try hard you can move large amounts of weight.  If you give it your all you can Clean and Snatch the Fuck out of a bar!
If you practice you CAN get a Double Under, If you push hard you can get that bike or rower moving!

My point You may ask?
Just because you are a women does not mean that you can’t workout hard and move weight.
Don’t let yourself be controlled by society saying women aren’t supposed to be lifting heavy weight or moving fast and sweating your rack off during a workout.  This is nonsense and pure BullShit!
You try hard and give it your ALL Every Fucking time you workout and the results will come quickly.
You give in and don’t try hard because you’re not supposed to and you’ll get nothing out of it.

If you’re hurt or injured that’s fine and a legitimate excuse but not giving 110%  because you’re a women is Doggie Poop and I will not stand for it!  Now give me your all every class!

In pair’s program the Bike to 10 seconds on and 20 seconds off
Alternate back and forth for a total of 8 Minutes.  This equals 8 starts per person.  You have to go hard for 10 seconds and you have 20 seconds to switch.   Don’t go over 20 seconds of you will fuck up the start time.
Your score is total calories for the 8 minutes between the both of you.  Dn’t let your partner down.
I wanna see every women in there today Kicking Fucking Ass, not sitting around saying ” I can’t move fast cause I’m a Woman!!”
WINNER Gets to battle Mark in a Tequila Shot Battle at the party!!  Good luck with that .

Bench Press
Week 2 Program

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
GHD sit-ups or Knees to Elbows or Ab Mat Sit ups
Kettlebell swings @70/55
*****This is important so pay attention.  Each and Every rep on a Swing should be 100% power output.  You MUST squeeze your Ass, Quads and Abdominal Muscles as tight as you can for each rep.  You MUST snap your legs straight by Squeezing your Glutes and Quads Hard!
This is a lot of reps, if you don’t do what I’m telling you you are going to end up lifting the Bell up with your back and hurting yourself.  Swings are great for your back but when you perform them like a tool that leads to YOU not being good for your back, so don’t blame the movement.
You shouldn’t be doing swings in a slow motion or half assing motion.  Ballistic and Hard!!!

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, December 7th

Isn’t this a great time of year?   Kids are so excited to see Santa and get their gift.
I’m sure we all try hard not to spoil our kids but it’s hard to do especially if your kids are good at making you feel guilty, that’s when ya gotta smack’em, turn them upside down and beat their behinds.   Wait, what, who said that!

Ok well as good and as joyful as it is for some it is miserable for others.   Others that are not as fortunate as some people.
It’s tough to be around the Holiday time if you don’t have much to celebrate for.   It’s hard to remember with our busy lives that we have the power to help others, let’s make it an effort not to forget.

So remember that as much as this is a time to celebrate with your family it is a great time to give back to unfortunate people.
Try and figure out a way you and your family can do something this season to help others who need it, it will make you feel incredible and those spoiled little people we live with will feel even more amazing than the gifts they get.  The only thing that feels better than helping someone who needs help is working hard to lose weight and looking awesome!

Remember the Christmas party is this Friday the 9th @ Cafe Testarossa @7pm.
It’s open Bar and Open Food, just bring money for Tips for the Bartenders

*****Due to the Xmas party on Friday the last class on Friday night will be at 5:30pm till 6:30pm.
There will be no 6:30pm class this Friday the 9th.  Sorry for any inconvenience.



Two rounds for time of:
295 pound Deadlift, 24 reps
24 Box jumps, 24 inch box
24 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
195 pound Bench press, 24 reps
24 Box jumps, 24 inch box
24 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
145 pound Clean, 24 reps

Mikko Salo 21:59, Kristan Clever 27:15 (185lb dead, 24″ box, 16lb ball, 120lb bench, 100lb clean), Peter Egyed 28:28, Rebecca Voigt 30:20 (185lb dead, 24″ box, 16lb ball, 120lb bench, 100lb clean).

I would highly recommend Scaling the FUCK out of this WOD!!!

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, December 6th

Someone asked me a question which got me thinking.
The Question you ask?
“Does Yoga get you muscular?”
This got me thinking about what women want from their training.  At least the women I talk to
all want to look great, they want a great looking Ass, great looking legs and if it’s beach season they want abs.  So basically all women want shape.
So here’s the thing that has me confused, the only thing that changes your shape is weightlifting.
So why is it then that so many women are so enamored with cardio, yoga, pilates, stair masters and aerobics classes?
These modalities won’t give you the Ass, Abs or legs you’re looking for, you’ll just be flexible and from what i’ve seen not even skinny.

You women want to look great you have to become a weight lifter.  I know it sounds intimidating but it’s the furthest thing from it.
Trust me, you want to look great you got to lift like it.
Stop doing something that won’t give you the result your looking for and getting upset about it, do the right thing.

Bike Teams of 3:
5 min Amrap
Alternate after 10 seconds

Week 2 Program

Cleans @165/115
Hand Stand Push Ups

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, December 5th

This Friday December 9th is the Christmas Party!
There will be a sign up sheet on the desk, please gimme your name and the name of anyone you are bringing if you will be attending.

This is the 2nd week of the lifting program so be sure to change your numbers from last week.

Back Squat
80%    @ 4 reps
87.5% @ 3 reps
95%     @ 2 reps

Amrap in 20 Min
5    Pull ups
10  Push Ups
15  Air Squat
20 Cal Row

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 2nd

Some of you have been sneaking a false 1 Rep Max behind my back!
Let me explain something, the program is designed to work with your 1 Rep Max, if you don’t use it it won’t work correctly.
The best you can do it try and figure out what you think it would be but that means if the weight is too light you need to raise the weight.
Your last set of 2 at 92.5 % is not just to match up to a radio station!

It’s for a reason.
So, try and figure out as close as you can get it to your max so we don’t waste our time with this program.
Thank you and come again

Hollow Rock
3 minute plank (if you can’t do 3 minutes try and work your way up to it.)

Bench Press
35% 6 reps
45% 5 reps
60% 4 reps
70% 3 reps

Work Sets:
80% 2 Reps
86% 2 Reps
92.5% 2 Reps

1o Rounds 5 reps
Deadlift @65% Max
HandStand Push Up

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