Crossfit Syosset/ December 22nd

Today is Front Squat Day!
We need to discuss somethings about this exercise before we move on.
I am seeing to much non upright Spine positions when performing this movement.  This is not good.
WE NEED to have an upright back when performing the Front squat, NEED!
Without an upright spine the load will be putting too much pressure on your back, knees, and hips.
When Squatting the load needs to be over the middle of your foot, towards the front of your heel.  Leaning or flexing your spine will take that pressure and put it over the front of your foot.  Bad, Bery Bad.
To keep the weight over the front of your heel you need to get set in a good position from the start.  The barbell should be on the middle of your front delt, elbows should be up high with your triceps parallel to the ground.  Keeping your chest high will help you keep the bar in the right position.
At the start, brace your upper back and keep your chest and elbows up high.  Shoot your knees forward towards your toes which should be pointed outwards.
When you hit the bottom pull your chest and elbows up high BEFORE you drive your feet into the ground and drive upwards.
The whole time keep pulling your chest up and driving your elbows up high.

Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Minute plank

Front Squat

12 Min Amrap
4  Muscle Ups
8  Power Snatch @135/95
12 Toes 2 Bar

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