Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, April 27th

It don’ts take much practice to pick up any of the movements we do at Crossfit.  Aside from the Olympic lifts
Everything we do just takes a little practice and you can get each exericse in no time at all.
Take Double Unders for example, practice them Everyday for two weeks and wala you’ll have Double unders.
Then you won’t have to substitute them every time we do Double Unders in a workout.

Whether it is mobility, lack of skill, or no interest, any one of these problems can be solved by just some practice everyday for a short period of time.
Don’t keep ignoring what you can’t do.  I promise it will never ever get better if you ignore them.
Seriously it takes a little bit of practice and you can do every workout Rx’d as far as movements.

You spend your valuable time at Crossfit you might as well do the best and most you can every time you come.  If you’re here make the most out of it.  Doesn’t make sense to waste your time right?  So don’t work hard every time you are in the gym.


“Half Murph”
Run 800
10 Rounds
5    Pull ups
10  Push Ups
15   Air Squats
Run 800

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