Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, April 6th

I’m going to have a nervous breakdown!
One question came to mind when I saw this mess, “Whomever was responsible for this, did you pass Kindergarten?”
Because Nicole who teaches 5 year olds couldn’t believe and adult was responsible for this.  And being that we don’t have any kids working out at the gym at 5:30am it must have been an adult.
I don’t get it, it’s not myself that I think of when i see this but your training partners, this is a Huge Fuck You to whomever goes for a rope after they left this right.
It’s not hard cleaning up after yourself, and it is actually being considerate for everyone else who uses the gym.  So maybe we can try a little harder to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  What’ya say before I shoot myself in lose all faith in humanity and shoot myself in the head.

10 Burpee
5     Reps Power Clean @ 165/105
10   Reps Front Squat  @ 165/105
5     Reps Split Jerk @ 165/105
Complete 6 Rounds Each round for Time with 60 seconds between rounds
Your score is total time for all 6 Rds.


Heavy Dumbbell Lunges
5 x 10

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