Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, May 11th

Ok, I’m going to try Wodify out one more time.  This is the last time I am going to try if this doesn’t work I’m going to just honor your wishes and get rid of it.

Let me just explain how it works before you jump into it and not know the benefits of it.
First of all, there is a huge T.V. that has the Wodify Whiteboard on it where you can see and compare your
scores to every other person in the gym, isn’t that Awesome!!

You can track ALL your scores and ALL your 1 Rep Max Attempts.
This way you don’t have to wonder what weight to use everyday, you can just refer back to my Wodify account and wala!
Isn’t that amazing, you don’t have to wonder or guess anymore with regard to your weights!
Seriously, it is foolish not to use this system.

Here’s how it works, if you aren’t signed up already you simply sign up on the computer behind the desk (ask me or another coach and they will show you how).  Once you are signed up they will send you an email and from there you can set up your account.  Then everyday you come in to workout after the wod you go over to the computer or on your phone on the app and put your weight and scores in and the system keeps everything in for you so all your info is attainable whenever you need it.
isn’t that great!

Now this is it, if you guys don’t wanna do this I’ll get rid of it for good.  Maybe, LOL


25 Min Amrap
Run 400
25 Box Jumps @24/20
25 Wall Balls @20./14
25 One Arm KB Lunges @55/35

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