Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, November 9th

Two of your training partners recently killed it!
One of these maniacs Ran the New York City Marathon and the other maniac traveled all the way to Greece to run in the Spartan Trifecta in two days after being invited to run with the Top Spartan Racers in the country!

Lindsay Ran the Marathon in 4 hrs and 2 minutes surpassing my time of 4 hrs and 3 minutes set back in 1981.  Lindsay started training for the marathon at the young age of 36 and has never let herself down.   Trotting through Hurricane winds and Torrential rains whenever necessary.  She was recently quoted saying
“If Norman Rockwell can Paint it, I can Run it”!   Well you proved your womanhood once again Ms. Klausner.  Is that the picture of did your left hip swollen?
Harry, oh Boy! Harry
just got back from Greece on Tuesday Running the Spartan race in the place where Zeus once ruled over myself and the rest of the Greek Gods.
Congratulations to both you guys for accomplishing these simple everyday tasks.

This wall was actually covered with poisonous spikes and gasoline which was set on fire if you couldn’t make it over!
Yes, this was no ordinary Spartan Race, but Harry being 100% Greek when he came to this country working his way up the ladder of success as a we little thing of a man who now looks like a God himself and carry’s the torch of life through his never dying desire of being the best, chipping away at this ever changing cruel form of punishment Harry likes to call Life!

Speaking of The Spartan Race, there happens to be one of them coming up next Saturday in Bethpage.
You to can be a part of the Spartan Phenomenon!
**Sign up for Free through Team YOLO.
YOLO is a charity that little tiny Jen is a part of, she wanted everyone to know that if you go to: and click the Spartan tab you can be racing with the YOLO team which by the way is being sponsored by us.
**complete the registration form  (include Crossfit Syosset and /or Jenn Costanzo) in the field that asks how you got connected with YOLO
**If you are already registered
you can wear our t-shirt in support of the team and race at your already determined race time; or
join the tribe and change your team to Team YOLO Strong on your Spartan Registration info.

Jenn appreciates all your help and support and looks forward to running alongside everyone.
Apparently Team YOLO is 100+ Strong!





Alternate between Bike and Wall Balls each minute
Complete 150 Wall Balls and 150 calories in as few minutes as possible

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