Crossfit Syosset/ January 1st

Hope Everyone will have or had depending on when you read this a Happy New Year!
I hope you guys all figured out your Goals for the New Year.  Let me know if you need help with your fitness goals and I’ll sit down with you and figure them out.

*****Today’s Hours:  We’ll be having 2 classes today, 9 am and 10 am*****

Today, January 1st we’ll be starting the Burpee Challenge like we do every year.
Today is Day one which would mean you will do Uno Burpee!

We’re gonna do something a little unorthodox for us today.

There are four stations with three exercises in each station.
You will do all four stations rotating every third completion.
Complete all three exercises without resting, when you are done with the third exercise rest 90 seconds then repeat until you are done with three rotations.
Then you will move onto the next station.

Here’s the Stations:
Station A:
1.  Cossack Squat with or without load.  10-12 reps
2.  Barbell Hip Thrusts 6-8 reps
3.  Goblet Squats 8-10 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Station B:
1.  Dumbell Pullovers 6-8 reps
2.  Dumbell Flyes 8-10 reps
3.  Bench Press 6-8 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Station C:
1.  Overhead Dumbell Laterals  10-12 reps
2.  Upright Rows 6-8 reps
3.  Seated Straight Legged Presses 8-10 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Station D:
1.  Rear Lateral Raises 10-12 reps
2.  Barbell Rows 6-8 reps
3.  Banded Ring rows 8-10 reps

Rest 90 seconds between each set (a set is completing all three exercises)  so for example
when you do the dumbell pullovers then the flyes and then the bench press then you rest 90 seconds and repeat.
You will do three rotations of each station so 12 rotations total.
The rest between stations is 2 minutes
Choose the weight based on the number of reps you will be doing, the weight should be challenging enough that around 3/4 through the set it gets tough to do, don’t make the weight so light that you blow through it wit ease.

Enjoy the New Year’s!

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