Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, April 17th

Two people in one day!!!

Sarah Conner and Pete the Meat both conquered there double under at the same time in the same workout, it was amazing to watch and Sarah walks away with a cool $100 bucks from a little wager she made with Kerker and Zurous.   Nothing for Pete but the satisfaction of getting them but then with a name like “Meat”  who needs funds!

If you’re not sure why I keep pushing you to get double under and stop with the Singles you can ask one of these two people or anyone else who does them.

They are much much much more exhausting than singles.

*****If you wanna compare them to partying, Singles is like sitting home alone on a Saturday night when everyone your age is out having a good time.  When you actually get the Doubles its like getting ready the same way Tony Manero did in “Saturday Night Fever”  (Don’t touch the Hair, ya always gotta touch the hair) after getting ready you end up having the same night Tony Montana did when he decided to turn his Cigar Box into a Huge Cocaine Dispenser.*****

Now you know why I want you to get them!


Back Complex:
3 Sets of:
Strict Pull ups till failure
Kipping Pull ups till failure
Ring Rows till failure
4 sets of
Barbell Shrugs 10 reps As Heavy as Fuck!


Bike for Calories
Stone lifts
Burpees with a 1 foot Vertical Leap  (To find the 1 foot vertical use a ruler don’t just guess)

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