Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, April 3rd

We’ll be done with the First round of the Burpee Challenge on the 11th of April!  Yay!
We’ll be meeting for our celebration dining on that Wednesday the 12th, also on the 12th we will be starting the 2nd round of the Burpee  Challenge.

*****The Dinner celebration is ONLY for those who competed in the Burpee Challenge from Day 1*****

What is the 2nd Round?  Starting on the 13th of April (yes we will take a day off to celebrate) we’ll be working our way back down the line from 99 to 1 again.

That’s right All this all over again!

For those of you that aren’t sure about continuing let me remind you of some of the quotes that I heard during the challenge

Things like:  

1.  “Wow Chris, I am banging through these burpees like never before they are really helping”

2.  “Damn Chris I wish I would have done the challenge from the beginning instead of wussing out, I see how much it is helping everyone.”

3.  “Chris, Fuck you I hate this Challenge”

4.  “Chris I feel like my body is getting tighter since I started doing the challenge”

5.  “Chris I am able to get through the workouts with Burpees much easier than before the challenge”

6.  “Chris, we couldn’t do the Big Mac Challenge”

7.  “Chris I feel like my body is changing from the Burpees is that possible?”

8.  “Chris why don’t a lot of people do this challenge I don’t understand?  Yea, I don’t get it either, drives me fucking nuts.  Just like the Fucking Double Unders”

9.  “Chris how did you get so good looking? 

10.  “Chris change the music.  Ok, what do you want to hear?  Anything, just not this.  Well, that really doesn’t help me much.  What do you like?   Any music but this.  Ok, again that doesn’t help me at all so I guess I’ll leave this on thanks for your input”

11.  “Chris, you’re a genius!  I know, thank you”

So, I know some of these quotes don’t exactly match up with the challenge but you get my gist

I hope all of you can keep going and a lot of new people can join us.
It’s great and a good challenge to take on.


12   Reps:   Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise
10  Reps:  Swings @70/55  (Again, Every Rep must be 100% effort.  No just throwing the kettle bell up with your hips.  Snap your leg as hard as you can to get that weight going)
8    Reps:  Ring or Barbell Rows (Keep your body stiff in one straight line, do not bend and twist your body to help pull yourself up)
6    Reps:  Barbell Shrugs (Heavy, Heavy, Heavy)
Complete 4 Sets of this complex, this is not for speed, more so for weight and technique.  
Move through each complex  without stopping but you don’t have to rush.  


3 Rounds 
Row 500/400 Meters 

Max Rep Wall Ball @20/14

Rest 3 minutes 

(You have 3 minute each round to complete 500/400 meter Row then right into the Max rep Wall Ball.
so if you finish the Row in 1:50 you then have 1:10 to complete as many wall balls as possible )
Your total score is total Wall Balls


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