Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, August 7th

DB Bulgarian Split Squats
5 x 5 ea. leg
Work your way up to a heavy set of 5 with 2 DB, then complete 5 sets at that weight.
Try using the 2 DB’s first. If balance is an issue use one DB and hold the rig for assistance.

5 x 3 minute rounds
Each round you have 3 minutes to complete:
500 Row/ Max rep wall balls.
When the 3 minutes start get through the row at a quick pace than complete as many wall balls as you can in the time that is left.
After each 3 min round take 90 seconds to rest.

Some of you crazy mother fuckers requested the 10×10 Back Squats again. A couple of those crazy mother fuckers are women, that’s fucking awesome.
Be my guest! Maybe add 5 lbs from last week, then fuckin crush it!
It’s nice to hear when you guys ask for more instead of bitching. Actually it’s delightful!!

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