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So you’ve all felt the difference between long, disgusting, grueling, low intense, annoying workouts that give you far less benefits than their counterpart the short, evil, high intense,  deceiving, calculative workouts chock full of benefits!
Well, most of you have anyway.

Before I ask what most of you think, let me tell you why the short ones are far more beneficial than the longer ones.
In order for your body to adapt it has to feel like it needs to adapt.  Low intense work is exactly that to low intense for your body to respond too.

It’s like anything else in life, if you don’t need to change you won’t.  You have to create a need for your body to have to change.
We create this need through intensity.  The higher the intensity the more change your body will go through, it’s simple.
Your bodies reaction to physical stress is to create Growth Hormone and Testosterone because this is what your body uses to get stronger, Faster and more powerful.
If there is minimal physical stress your body says well this isn’t so bad, I can do this therefore it doesn’t need to adapt to anything.
This is why sprinters look like beasts and long distance runners look like they haven’t eaten in 3 months.
They are running and training so heavy and fast pushing there bodies to an uncomfortable place that there bodies need to “catch up” inducing that hormonal response.
Every animal adapts to certain things over time right?
Well you need to force your bodies to adapt to the physical stress you put it through.  The faster, harder and heavier you train the more response you’re going to achieve.

So when people tell you their doing these killer workouts that take 90 minutes long educate them on why they are wasting their lives in the gym and could be getting so much better benefits doing short intense wods.

The most common thing I hear from new people that walk into the gym is “I’ve been working out forever and just don’t change, I have no muscle tone”
Now you know why.


Overhead Squat
5 x 3
Work up to a weight that is challenging for 3 reps and complete that 5 times


5 Rounds
5   Push Jerk @185/115
10 Burpees

*Dosen’t have to be 185/115 but it does have to be heavy, what I mean by heavy is the 5 reps should be a struggle to complete not a weight that you are doing with no problem.
Do your burpees as fast as you can.

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