Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, June 26th

What  a Beautiful day Sunday was wasn’t it?
Do you cherish days like that being that where we live these days it seems it’s either raining, snowing or 100 degrees and humid?
It’s important to cherish everyday, not just the days like Sunday.  My mother works in the cancer unit as a nurse and the stories I here about these people whether they be kids or elderly still sad stories.
The amazing thing is she says the people with the highest success rate are those that laugh a lot and have great attitudes
Not that you can blame there for having a shitty attitude but the ones that try to keep positive have much better results than those with the opposite attitude.
This seems to be the same with every aspect of life, people who keep a great attitude throughout their lives seem to enjoy life and attract that attitude much more than that of people that have let’s say a different mental attitude.

It’s important, really important that your mind stay in a state of happiness and positivity in order for it to carry through to the rest of your body.
If it doesn’t start up there nothing is going to change that.
Everything starts up there, even eating well.  You can try all the dieting you want and all the different gyms you want but until you make a decision up there and stay with that decision you’ll be chasing your tail your whole life.

Anyways if you’re reading this now enjoy your Sunday if you’re reading this tomorrow then I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.


20 Rep Back Squat
Add 5 lb from last time you completed the 20 reps


17 Min Amrap

Run 400
7   Muscle ups
14 Deadlifts @55%
21 Calorie Bike
28 Double Unders

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