Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, May 14th

So, I don’t get something.  Why is is that not many people like to find out what their Body Fat is?
First of all if you’re a Scale Freak (meaning you weigh yourself everyday) you should definitely be doing the BodyFat.

As you know, the scale means absolutely nothing and BodyFat means everything.  Don’t worry I won’t put up another Picture for you all to look at as to why Body weight means nothing and BodyFat is Everything.
It’s just crazy to me.  It’s crazy that so few people are interested in finding out their BodyFat, it’s like playing golf and not keeping score.  Don’t you want to know if you are getting better?
Don’t you want to know the direction you are headed in
There’s a lot of other stuff that goes along with BodyFat testing, what about finding out your Lean Mass Don’t you want to know how much muscle you have or don’t have on your body?
What about knowing the difference between Body Fat and Muscle, Do you know about this also?

There is no negative to finding out your Body Fat.
Once you find it out, it should motivate you to eat better and drop some body fat, now that you did it you have a beginning place to start from.
This happens all the time, one day you decide you’re done being Fat and start eating well and Bam! In Two months you’re down 20 Lbs!
Unfortunately you never jumped in the BodyFat truck so you never knew your Body Fat to begin with, so you did all that great work and don’t have any indication of how much fat you lost and muscle you gained.
Maybe you can shed some light as to why I’m so happy we have this amazing tool to find our body fat and not many people are?
Send me some emails to enlighten me, thanks.

*****Anyways, for those of you who are interested the Truck will be back on Saturday, August 4th.  Please let me know if this date interferes with anything, I know there are a lot of vacations taken during the month of August.
Thank you


Five round For Time
12 Reps Deadlift @185/135
9   Reps Hang Power Clean
6   Reps Push Jerk
Before/In-Between/ and After the Rounds do 50 Double Unders


Back Squat
5  Drop Sets with 2 min rest between

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