Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, May 15th

Well, the Fat Truck was here this past weekend.  I did hear some good stories from a bunch of people about how much Fat they lost and muscle they gained in the two months.
But not as many Stories as I would like to have heard unfortunately.
Why is that?
What is it about the Fat Truck that isn’t attractive to you?
Is it the word “Fat”  that you abhor, or is it the word “Truck”?
Or is Keith the one you don’t seem to like?
Well, I hope it’s something simple because moving forward we have a new truck coming and he’s one of us.
Matt has gotten himself into the Fat Truck business and we’ll be having him at the gym more often than it’s been in the past which I’m hoping is a good thing.
Maybe if Measuring your success if readily available you will be more motivated to reach your goals.
I’ll keep you updated on when we will have our first visit.

Remember, this Thursday is the Networking Meeting.
Be at the Gym at 7:30pm.
See you there.

Pull ups
10 sets of 5 Reps
1.  Weighted if possible
2.  If not possible then no weight
3.  If not possible with no weight then do negatives

6 Min Amrap
15 Thruster @100/65
15 Burpee

3 Min Rest

6 Min Amrap
15 Power Snatch @100/65
15 Cal Bike

*****If there is more people than bikes, just switch the amraps.  One group do the Burpee first and the other group do the Bike first

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