Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, May 7th

This one may definitely sound like a repeat but it’s definitely worth repeating due to the fact that it’s still going on.
This email is about why there are so many different diets out there like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrasystem etc…

There all over the place because they know that very few people will succeed in their destination for looking great.
Why is this true?
Because it’s uncommon for people to take blame for the way they look and what they eat.  Most people will blame the system they are doing, it’s easier to say “This doesn’t work, I tried it” than it is to blame yourself for it.
These companies know this so they exploit it and make a shit load of money doing it.

I myself would rather tell you the truth and hopefully this will give you the push you need to succeed in your quest for looking Awesome.

The real problem is not the diet or the exercise routine you are currently enrolled in or not enrolled in, it’s not the lack or activity or the abundance of activity so you can eat crap.
The real Problem is YOU!
The people who succeed are the people who make a final decision to change their lifestyle and stop making excuses for everything they do.

YOU will only be successful when say You are done with eating this way and You are going to start eating well Now, not Monday, not the first of the month and not the New Year but Right Now!

As far as what you do, people have been successful in everything from Paleo to the South Beach Diet.
Just pick something and DO IT!
Once you do this and not only till you do this will you be on a lifelong roller coaster.
So step off that Coaster and make a decision to lead a better lifestyle and then you will enjoy your success.


15 Min Amrap
7    Thruster @115/75
10  Toes To Bar
15   KB Good Morning


7 x 3

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