Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, May 8th

Keith is Back!

That’s right, the Fat Truck Dude is back on May 12th and 13th so get your ticket early!
If you paid for the two Dunks just sign up for your second Dunk and he will know you already paid.
If you didn’t just sign up and pay for the single again.
If you didn’t do it last time he was here 2 months ago then just sign up and decide what you want to do with regards to paying him this time.

I will put the sign up sheets on the desk starting tomorrow, make sure you get your spot early and please don’t start crossing out your names 10 times on the sheets.  I hate when there messy.

For those of you that haven’t done this before ya better get super excited, it’s awesome seeing how much fat you lost after two months of eating well and seeing that the scale didn’t change dramatically.
This is the only way to show you how losing Fat is the only thing that matters, not bodyweight.
The idea is to lose Fat and gain muscle.  If that happens how we want it to happen you will not lose much weight on the scale due to the fact that your muscle weight is replacing your fat weight.

NOT because Muscle weighs more than Fat!!  I hate when people say that.
1 lb of muscle weighs the same as 1 lb of Fat so how can muscle weigh more than fat.
Whomever came up with that saying should be Caned

The correct statement is “Muscle is more dense than Fat”
Therefore taking up less space than Fat does.
So 1 lb of muscle is a lot smaller than 1 lb of Fat.


Tabata Pull ups
4 Minutes


Row For Calories
Wall Ball @20/14
For Time

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