Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, Memorial Day May 28th

Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Today!

We’ll be doing “Murph” today at 8am and 9:30am.  Please show up on time for whichever class you choose.
Also, Please do not bring anyone other than yourselves to the gym, It is going to be super crowded.  Not a good day to bring new people to the gym.
Just you and your Mental Strength will do fine.

For the Pull ups, I know some of you like to use a box to get up on the bar.  For today just use the J hooks on the rig.
The less shit we can keep around the rig the better.

So to make sure that everyone does everything with full range of motion, something that seems to elude a lot of people
Here’s how we’ll be performing the workout.


1 Mile run
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups (push ups will be hand release at the bottom and dynamic at the top, You just have to leave the ground slightly just to make sure your elbows extend fully at the top of the rep)
300 Air Squats (Everyone use a Med Ball to make sure you properly go low enough and make sure you jump off the ground
slightly to make sure you fully extend your hips)
1 Mile run

*****You may break up the Pull up, Push ups and Squats however you like, most people do 20 rds of 5 Pull up, 10 push up and 15 Squat*****  But feel free to do whatever you like, just get it done and get it done correctly.   The workout is much more potent if you actually do everything with full range of motion.

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