Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 14th

Back Squat
5 x 5 (add 5lbs from last Monday)
Do your best to get all 25 reps with 5 lbs heavier. If you are not going off the percentages of your 1 rep max or if you don’t really know your 1 rep max, just go up 5 lbs from whatever weight you did last week. Also, if you are not using percentages be sure to go light on Wednesdays. Don’t do the same weight for both days, one day is heavy, one day is light.

Row 500 meters
30 Wall Balls
Row 400 meters
25 Wall Balls
Row 300 meters
20 Wall Balls
Row 200 meters
15 Wall Balls
Row 100
10 Wall Balls
This should be done fast, the numbers go down so keep pushing through.
***If you pussed out on the Back Squats and went light on the heavy day, make the wall balls 50-40-30-20-10

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