Crossfit Syosset/ “Murph” Shirts

There are sheets on the desk to order your “Murph” T shirt or Tank tops.
There are two styles, One is black with red and white letters and the other is army green with black letters.
Choose the one you want along with a t shirt or a tank.
We need at least 24 of each to order them, so if there isn’t enough i will combine the orders to make at least 24 of one kind.

These Shirts are for members who have complete the “Memorial Day Murph” Wod, not for anyone or anything else.
Once you are done with the Wod and you want a shirt write your name and type of shirt you want along with size and other shit.
the shirts are $14, pretty cheap for an Awesome shirt and cause.
So, after you complete the Wod on Monday Sign up and get yourself one of these Beauties.

I will know if you try and sneak your name in there without doing the Wod!

The shirts are also open to anyone who tries to attempt the Wod and doesn’t complete it or who scales and modifies the Wod, this is totally acceptable.

Signing your name and not doing the Wod however is grounds for a firing Squad.

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