Crossfit Syosset/ Sunday, April 1st

This Wods a little different than most, in this wod you will be penalized for moving slow and pacing yourself and reward for sprinting fast through the wod.

  1.  First is the C2
    You will have 1 Minute to sprint through the 1 Minute and try and rack up the most Calories as possible in the minute, the person in that group with the most calories (woman will have a 10 calories head start handicap) will be free of the Burpee Penalty.
    2 nd place will accrue a total of let’s say 50 Burpee and third place at 40 Burpee and so on… This depends on how many people are in the group to start.
  2. After the Row We’ll move to the Clean and Jerk for Reps, once again the top place with the most reps will be relieved of the burpee. ¬†2nd place will perform 50 Burpee then 3rd place and so on again based on how many people are going in each group.
  3. Then everyone favorite the Bike for Calories will be held the same way was the first two exercises.
  4. Next will be Back squats at Bodyweight, most reps in 1 minute relaxes as the members who fuck up down the line will be burping through Easter dinner.
  5. And finally is the Stone lift over the shoulder scored the same way, most lifts dont do burpee and as we go down the line they will be doing burpee till the cows come home.

    Each exercise is for three work minutes and 3 minutes rest total.
    Good Luck the last place people may be there till dinner starts but don’t worry I will stay with you.

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