Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, December 8th

I know I have said this before, over and over and over again but I think sometimes we don’t pay attention to me.
I mean I’m sure some of you are still eating sugar so I can’t expect everything. I’ll take a little progress at a time, like maybe after several years we might have double unders?
But hey, as long as there’s some progress I’m happy.

As far as the workouts go, remember we spoke about scaling the workouts so that you can finish them in a quick time?
Remember, like if we’re doing a games wod you want to finish around the same time as the pro’s finish. I say games wods cause we know their times, if it was a gymnastics wod I would say finish around Jay’s time.
You’re not supposed to suffer through every workout taking forever to finish, that’s not the goal. You suffer through the heavy lifts, not the metcons.
The goal is to finish fast so you need to scale whatever it is, whether it be weight, box height or a bodyweight movement in order to finish the workout quickly.
This is your first goal, to finish in a quick time. Your second goal would be to add load, height or whatever it is, not the other way around.
You don’t start super heavy and fucking kill yourself finishing a 10 minute wod in 29 minutes. That ain’t it!
This is where a lot of injuries come from, not only are you doing too much weight but your form goes to shit cause you been pushing yourself for 33 minutes when you should have been done 25 minutes ago. Don’t get me wrong, we have long workouts that are attacked differently. Longer ones you know are going to be a grind so you pace yourself all the way through and then kill it at the end. Right, you go faster at the end so the person next to you doesn’t win?
I’m telling you it is a much better workout when you do it with the goal of finishing fast, sometimes all the way through without stopping at all. Kinda like Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s workouts, these both should have been done with a weight on the Thrusters that you can get 50 straight and a modification on the muscle ups that you can get 30 straight through.

If you haven’t bought into this idea yet, try it next time there’s a short workout.
Believe me you’re not going to lose any strength or performance if you do it this way, your performance will increase along with your strength.
This is why we keep records of what we do. If you know your score and weight from yesterday’s workout the next time we do it you’ll know how much to increase.
C’mon man, This isn’t a riddle it’s easy to figure out’

Bench Press
5 x 3 add 5lbs from last week

Overhead Squats 115/85
Toes To Bar

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