Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 1st

Listen to me, not every workout you do has to kill you.
If I post a workout that doesn’t have barbells in it or any weight at all doesn’t mean the workout sucks.
If the word around the campfire is that everyone is sore from the latest workouts I’m not going to post something that is going to kill everyone, right.  Wouldn’t that make sense?
This is the kinda shit that gets you injured, thinking that every time you train it has to be death.

Here’s the problem, which I’ve said over and over again.    You eat SHIT and therefore because you aren’t losing weight you feel like I have to workout longer or harder or whatever but it’s the workout that is going to make a difference.
It’s not!
You can workout all you want, keep eating shit and you’ll keep looking like shit.
No matter how hard you workout or how much working out you do, you’re still going to look like shit if you eat shit!
So, you can either keep blaming everything else but yourself and you can keep switching from diet to diet and try adding more exercise into your arsenal but that won’t make the bit of difference.  Why?   Cause you’re still eating shit.
No way around this one folks, eat shit look like shit.
But this of course if totally up to you, you may like the way you look and love to eat shit.
In that case all the power to you, I’m super happy that you’re happy with yourself.  Most people aren’t.

If you are not happy with yourself than change it.  Start eating well and in two months you will have changed the way you look in the mirror.
Here’s another doozy!  “I did really well, all I had was a slice of pizza… the first day.”
Let me ask you a question, when you were getting fat did you eat shit all the time and say I did really well today I had crap all day and only had a piece of grilled chicken?
Nope, you just ate shit all the time and as much as you could right?   I’m not poking fun, I’m just asking.  Brutally asking
Well the same amount of energy you put into eating shit and putting on weight is the same amount of energy that is needed to lose weight.
Stop eating shit, a little shit, a lotta shit, some shit, half a shit, a full shit, a piece of shit!
Whatever amount of shit it is you are eating, Stop!
Cause until you do, it will never happen.


Clean and Jerk
10 x 1


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 Minute
Run 400
3  Complex of:
10 Deadlifts
8  Hang Power Clean
6  Front Squat
4  Jerk
Run 400  Etc…

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