Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today’s Hours:
There are two classes today, 8am and 9am.
We will be closing at 10:30 am today, they are starting to work in the gym so we need to be done by 10:30am.
Coming in at 10am to train isn’t going to work today or tomorrow.  Sorry but work they have to start working before Thanksgiving dinner.

In teams of 2:  (Bring a Hat and Gloves)
1.  One person Runs 1 Mile (around the block) the other one rests.  When your partner gets back, you run around the block and your partner rests.
2.  As soon as your partner returns You do 5 Clean and Jerks, after you do 5 your partner does 5, then you do 5, then your partner etc.. Until you both complete 50 Clean and Jerks.
3.  Soon as you’re done with the Clean and Jerks one person start Snatching!  EACH do 5 Reps back and forth till your team is done with 50 Total.
4.  Next start your ManMakers (2 Rows, 1 Push Up, 1 Clean and Thruster, 2 Lunges) with Dumbbells (I expect the Dumbbells to be put back no different then what they look like now!!!!)
Each are responsible for completing 30 Reps , 60 total.
5.  After the Man Makers are complete You both Sprint around the Block together.
Fastest time wins.
Weights are:
Clean and Jerk:  135/95
Snatch:  135/95
Man Makers:   35/15

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