Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, December 20th

Holiday Hours:
Saturday December 24th,  Christmas Eve:  Classes will be at 8 and 9am
Sunday December 25th, Christmas Day:  Classes will be at 8 and 9am

As it is the same every year Everyone seems to have an issue with holding themselves back from the Grips of the SUGAR DEVIL.
This is understandable Especially around this time when there is cookies and cake and every other piece of crap staring you in the face all day long at work.
So, Something to help you get through this month is to accept that you’re going to have some bad days.  Instead of getting discouraged over eating terrible maybe just say,  “alright I’ll give myself a couple of days throughout the week that I will allow shitty eating to occur”.  I won’t get upset at them or let them bring me down and fuck up my mood.  I will just accept them and move on to the next day. What that will do is give you the power to allow yourself to move on and reach YOUR goals.
Because at the end of the day it’s YOUR power, not anyone or anything else’s.  Once you relinquish control of your mental power
You have given up what makes YOU, YOU!   YOUR Power!
You need to keep this in check.   I know sometimes it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do but without it you will never be able to accomplish any of your goals.
So take what God Gave you, YOUR Power and use it to make whatever it is happen that you want to happen.  Stop with the excuses Because once you settle for them and accept Excuses you are no longer using your power.  You have then accepted that someone or something else that is going to take control over you.

Don’t let anything or anyone take control over you.

Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Minute plank

Back Squat
80% x 5
87.5% x 4
95%  x 3

4 Minutes of Rowing For Calories
2 Minutes of Push ups For Reps
2 Minutes of Sit ups For Reps
2 Minutes of Air Squats for Reps

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