Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, August 15th

Wednesday’s we usually do a longer workout than we normally do the other days during the week.
Although performing Short intense workouts or Anaerobic workouts helps us increase our Aerobic Capacity,  you don’t necessarily get the same result from performing Aerobic workouts.  I do feel it’s necessary to do the longer ones every so often.
The Benefit from the shorter higher intense workouts is so much higher than that of it’s counterpart the Aerobic wods.
Anyway your approach to the longer workouts should be different than your approach to the shorter ones.

With the Short intense workouts you can look to attack them right away pushing yourself to do them as quickly as possible.
The faster you complete these workouts the more intense they will be.   The more intense the workouts the better results you’re going to get.
With the longer ones however you need to have a different approach to them.  The longer workouts like the Hero wods are more of a mental challenge.  Grinding through them little by little is the way to go.
Trying to move to quick in the beginning will cause you to run out of gas with a whole workout left.
So, know your approach before you start to optimize your results.

“Jag 28”

Run 800
28 Kettlebell Swings @70/55
28 Strict Pull ups
28 Clean and Jerks Double KB @70/55 each.
28 Strict Pull ups
Run 800

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