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I had to put this up tonight because when I found out about it It bothered me so much and I thought that we as a community would be able to help as much as we could.
My masseuse and actually half the gym’s masseuse is the person that I found out about this story from.
Beth is her name, those of you that go to her know that she is a magician with her hands.
Beth’s  husband’s cousin is Lou.  Lou and Karla have three children,  two girls that are both two years old and a son
named Luis who is 4 years old.

Our member Mike McCann is a corrections officer at East Meadow Prison.  Mike works with Lou also, when I asked mike about Lou he said he is such a nice guy and doesn’t deserve this.  He deals with the scum of society to protect us and this is what he gets.
Lou and Karla’s son Luis just found out that he has an inopperable brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma.
This disease effects 300 children a year, with such few cases there is little money for research and there is no cure.

Luis’ family was given an estimate of 1 year until he passes.
I can’t even imagine how I would feel and I can’t possibly imagine how the family must feel.
Hearing stories like this one makes you realize that we need to stop bitching and be grateful for everything we have .

During the time Luis has left with his family they want to assure that he does everything and anything he desires.
The Mendez family wants to build as many happy memories with Luis as they possibly can.
They have been raising as much money as they can to make this all happen.

I have never met the Mendez Family myself but I feel for them.  When You go to the site and see Luis’ Face you will start crying when you realize what is going to happen.
I feel like our community can make a huge difference in Luis’ life.  Every time I post something and ask for everyone’s help everyone always comes together and helps out.
Let’s help make sure the Mendez Family is able to do whatever it is they want to do with their son and daughters.
Here’s the page:

Thank You


Back Squat
7 x 2


10 Min Amrap
25 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts @40-55%
5   Deficit Hand stand Push ups (use 45# plates to create the deficit)


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