Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, December 28th

Here is something important regarding why it is important that as we get older it is highly recommended that we stay on a fitness program.
Have you ever known someone maybe close to you or someone not so close that has an accident
Like a trip and fall and because they are older and do nothing to stay in shape they break a bone or bones in their body, mainly their hip and it ends up being a catastrophe?
I’m sure you have, it’s sadly not that uncommon of an occurrence.

Why does this happen?
Because when we get older our bones become more brittle and can’t withstand the type of impact or pressure they used to be able to absorb when we were younger.
Unfortunately because people are in such bad shape do to the fall and breaking a hip this more often than not becomes a life threatening situation.
This doesn’t need to happen or be an issue if we would just train!  Part of your training is getting your bones used to heavy weights therefore becoming more dense and not so brittle anymore.
But because of people’s laziness they decide that it’s too much work to stay in shape and then when something like this happens which could have easily have been prevented it becomes a life or death situation.

You would be shocked if I told you the amount of people that come into the gym to start training for the first time in their lives and can’t even do a turkish get up with no weight at all.
It’s terrible, now take that inability and make it a real life situation and it becomes another life or death situation.
If you know someone that is older make sure you get them on a strength training program to avoid this type of mishap.

Hollow Rock
3 Min plank

Back Squat
80%    x 2
86%    x 2
92.5% x 2
100%  x 2

17 Min Amrap
7   Power Clean and Jerk
14 Sit ups
21 Push Up
28 Double Under

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