Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, February 7th

Some of You seem to have a tough time figuring out what I mean when I say “Stay Tight”, Now I know I probably don’t say it enough during the day (I probably only say it 1,000 times a day) so it’s my fault.
Let me tell you what I mean when I say “Stay Tight”
First of all I have a wonderful picture of Mitch who actually gets it

Mitch knows how to stay tight!   look at that face!
This dude stays tight, You need to take a deep breath in at the top and hold your breath throughout the rep and let the air out at the top!
How many times do I need to say it?
Unfortunately the only time you listen is when you get hurt.  Don’t let that happen.
Check out that face!

So we figured out that not eating enough is bad but just as equally bad is eating way to many calories.  For some reason when I say to eat every 2 and a half hours this means to some that you can eat whatever you want as long as it’s in the right time zone.
Don’t be silly, WE do need to eat frequently for several reasons.
We need to keep a steady stream of protein into your system, we Fuck that up and it’s gonna be bye bye hard earned muscle for you!  Our body does not save protein for later use as it does Carbs so we need to keep it there for use all the time.
Not only is it bye bye muscle but it’s almost impossible to build muscle without protein coming in frequently.
We also want to keep our insulin levels the same all day and night not jumping up and down rapidly.
Keeping our Insulin level and energy balance level is important for burning fat and building muscle
Keeping a steady flow of nutrients all day is the idea, which is why the zone works so well, it’s the same balance of nutrients at every meal.
Got it!  Get it!  Good!


Push Press
5 x 5

Barbell Row
5 x 5

50 Wall Balls @20/14
40 Push ups
30 GHD Sit ups
2K Row

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