Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, January 18th

EMOM for 8 minutes
Perform 1 Clean & Jerk (Split Jerk) increasing weight each minute
Keep the weight moderate focusing on your form.
Work on pulling yourself low in the squat and pushing yourself into a proper split position.

4 Sets:
1 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(30 sec rest or recover pace)
2 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(1 min rest or recover pace)
3 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(90 sec rest or recover pace)

The workout is as hard as you make it. If you choose to move slow and not give it your all that’s exactly what you’ll get in return, a body like a sloth.
If you choose to move through the workout with intensity you’ll be rewarded greatly and end up on the floor wallowing around for oxygen.
This holds true for any workout. If you don’t feel like the workout was enough, take a look at yourself.
Was the weight challenging enough?
Did you modify too much?
Did you move fast enough or did you lollygag through the workout?
Did you stop to blow your nose or was stopping not an option?
Do you push yourself even harder at the end, or do you say, “it’s almost over I can slow down”?
If you answered any of these questions incorrectly you need to change your attitude.

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