Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 1st

You all got my email before about “National Burpee Buy In Day”.
There’s like 30 people still involved in the challenge that started from the  beginning so take advantage of an opportunity that you may never have again!

I know how you all love Burpees  So do your 58 by tonight and join in on the fun.

Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Min Plank

30 Min Amrap
20  Cal Bike
15   Deadlift @135/95
10   Overhead Squat @same weight
5     Power Snatch @same weight

*****This is a 30 min wod, I wouldn’t use a lot of weight for this wod.  Use a weight that will allow you to keep going through the wod for the 30 minutes not one that is going to force you to stop every set you complete.
Have some of the class start on the deadlifts and some start on the Bike in order to break up the workout, once broken up there won’t be an issue.*****

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