My Confidence Has Skyrocketed!

I’ve always been active and athletic but never realized I was capable of so much more until I started doing CrossFit.  It is so empowering to be able lift heavy weights, do pull-ups, climb a rope etc.  Crossfit is just part of my life, it’s what I do and there no negotiations when it comes to my workout.  Anyone that knows me knows that it’s only Crossfit.  I have tried every workout there is and Crossfit is the only one that has showed me dramatic results.


I always thought I was in good shape and toned, but crossfit and taken it to the next level. There is this huge misconception that you will get “big” or hurt when you do CrossFit. It’s actually the exact opposite. I have lost inches and have toned up in a way I didn’t know I my body was capable of.  When people see me, their reaction is “omg you are in incredible shape and look amazing. What do you do?”


I’d rather be called fit and strong than “skinny” any day.  My confidence has skyrocketed, my tennis game has improved dramatically, and I am just physically stronger in daily tasks.  I have not made friends at Crossfit, but rather a family of people who I cant wait to see everyday at class.  No matter how hard the workout may be, we support each other and do it together with lots of laughs along the way. I trust my coaches, they are experts at that they do and I know I am good hands and getting the proper training.


So Crossfit, I’m not going anywhere. You keep bringing on the challenges and I’ll keep showing up and kicking your ass.

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