Crossfit is My Therapy

I joined Crossfit a little over a year ago despite the rumors that you will get big and get hurt. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I knew I had to change my workout routine and try to Challenge my body. I couldn’t stand going to the gym for over an hour, bored and not seeing any results or improvements.


I benefit from CrossFit HITT training. Crossfit has also helped me with my depression. We all support and motivate each other. I am happier, proud of my accomplishments, and I just feel better overall.


“Crossfit is my therapy”.


I made lots of friends and we always have lots of laughs. Crossfit has been the best decision I have ever made and No it does not make women look big. I am stronger, slender & defined. “Fit AF”

Michelle Ronen

Crossfit Makes you Strong

Alex and I started doing CrossFit 10 years ago at the age of 40. Alex has a gymnastics background and I have ballet background. We both were blessed with effortlessly thin bodies for much of our lives, but both felt like our bodies started changing as we hit our 40s. We started doing CrossFit 3-4 times a week in 2009, and haven’t stopped since.


CrossFit teaches you how to use your body as a whole. We have learned how to properly do Olympic lifts that require both physical and mental strength and timing.


I don’t think there’s anything more effective in helping to get through stressful times in life than the feeling of being physically strong. Crossfit makes you strong. Crossfit makes your bones strong too. It’s money in the bank for when we are in our 60s, 70s and beyond. A Crossfit workout = an instant good mood and feeling of invincibility. We walk out of the gym knowing we can handle whatever the day has to bring.


The myth that Crossfit makes you “big” has no merit. Bad eating makes you “big.” Building lean muscle doing CrossFit makes you dense and strong – not big.


As far as CrossFit causing injuries, that is also a myth. We have never felt pressured into doing anything at Crossfit that would injure us. In fact, almost every workout we’ve ever done at CrossFit included modifications for anyone that has a knee, shoulder, back etc issue. Getting stronger actually protects all of your joints and prevents injuries.


Finally, every woman I have met during my decade of CrossFit training has been an inspiration. Any woman that wants to have a strong, healthy body and strong healthy mind should be doing CrossFit.

Lauren Emr

A Lifestyle

People often ask me “What do you do?”
My response: “Huh? Who me? What do you mean?”
“What do you do to look like that? You must not have any kids.”
Me: “I’ve got two kids.”
“You must not work.”
Me: “I have a full time job.”
“You must go to the gym every day.”
Me: “I wish, but my schedule doesn’t allow it.”
“So then, what do you do to look like that?”
Me: “CrossFit!”


For me, CrossFit is Empowering – It strengthens the mind and body. Humbling – Imperfections and failures help you learn and succeed. Addictive – There is always room for growth when the ceiling is never high enough. Community – Like-minded, supportive people surround you. A lifestyle.


It’s the constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity that yield results. However, it is the commitment to take responsibility over one’s health that transforms one’s body and self-being. I may not be able to get to the gym every day. However, I can control what I eat, drink and how much I sleep. And when I do get to the gym, I give it my all.


It’s a simple input/output mindset that speaks to the CrossFit lifestyle. Commit to the lifestyle and you will have lasting change that goes beyond the surface. Commit to the lifestyle and you will never look anywhere else!

Jenn Costanzo

Changing my Body the Way I Like

CrossFit is the first addictive sport that is also changing my body the way I like so I’ll definitely do it.


It’s really common to hear that lifting weights makes you bigger, and this mental approach keeps away a lot of women to everything that is heavier than 15 lbs. I was totally convinced by the same way of thinking and seeing every sport that involves this kind of activity. Well, only after 7 months doing CrossFit, I totally changed my mind: lifting weights is the only effective way you’re gonna get the tonic body we are all dreaming of.


I’ve done my researches before, to find out that:
A. Excessively big muscles can’t grow in a woman. We don’t have the same hormones as men do.
B. Growing big muscles is much harder than getting fatter or thinner people! You really need a specific and meticulous diet other than working out as an athlete!
C. Muscles get toned before the fat gets burned. That explains why when we start working out for real, our legs look a little bigger. The process of toning is faster than weight loss.
D. Get our muscles stronger makes us leaner. Why? Because we burn more calories and the fat burns down easily.
Well those are just a few explanations about why what I said at the beginning is totally untrue.
I’ve started CrossFit about 7 months ago, and NO SPORT in my life (I swear, I’ve never stopped working out in a way or another) has changed my body so fast and so good as CrossFit did.
Every Workout I get stronger, I get more endurance, more coordination, agility  and flexibility.
I see myself better and most important, which is a consequence, I FEEL better. I didn’t even know that a sport could be so addictive: no matter how I feel, energetic, a little tired, a little sad, super happy, no matter what weather is outside and no matter how my day was, I always wanna get my (toned, thank you CrossFit Syosset) ass to the box!
Chaima Bachari

My Confidence Has Skyrocketed!

I’ve always been active and athletic but never realized I was capable of so much more until I started doing CrossFit.  It is so empowering to be able lift heavy weights, do pull-ups, climb a rope etc.  Crossfit is just part of my life, it’s what I do and there no negotiations when it comes to my workout.  Anyone that knows me knows that it’s only Crossfit.  I have tried every workout there is and Crossfit is the only one that has showed me dramatic results.


I always thought I was in good shape and toned, but crossfit and taken it to the next level. There is this huge misconception that you will get “big” or hurt when you do CrossFit. It’s actually the exact opposite. I have lost inches and have toned up in a way I didn’t know I my body was capable of.  When people see me, their reaction is “omg you are in incredible shape and look amazing. What do you do?”


I’d rather be called fit and strong than “skinny” any day.  My confidence has skyrocketed, my tennis game has improved dramatically, and I am just physically stronger in daily tasks.  I have not made friends at Crossfit, but rather a family of people who I cant wait to see everyday at class.  No matter how hard the workout may be, we support each other and do it together with lots of laughs along the way. I trust my coaches, they are experts at that they do and I know I am good hands and getting the proper training.


So Crossfit, I’m not going anywhere. You keep bringing on the challenges and I’ll keep showing up and kicking your ass.

Michelle March

The Closest Thing to the Magic Bullet

There is no magic bullet for skinny & fit – but there is Crossfit and it’s the closest thing you will find. I have tried every diet and workout craze. I’ve belonged to corporate gyms, NY Sports Club, Equinox, kickboxing gyms, yoga centers. I’ve had private trainers and countless spin session at Soul Cycle and so many variations of boot camp classes. I have never seen the value for my money. In fact, if I add up how much money I have spent per pound lost – I’d probably have to have my head examined.


Then I found Crossfit and I actually lost weight, got fit, got strong. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s because the program works. Forget what you see on TV. Forget what your friends tell you about flipping tires in the parking lot. None of this is the real Crossfit. There is no reason to be intimidated – I want to dispel these myths. If you train right and you listen to the instructors, you will not get hurt and you will not bulk.


What you will do – is lose weight, tone and take years off your life. The program is designed to keep your body in a progressive state of improvement. I kick my own ass everyday, and I love it. I also like how my ass looks, now that I’ve kicked it.


I’ve made some amazing friends along the way. Perhaps it’s the friendship and the camaraderie that’s the secret sauce to the success so many of us see at Crossfit. It’s an inspiring environment where everyone lifts each other up and helps you across the proverbial finish line. No one shames you, no one demands you do something you can’t do. They only push you to do your best, and when doing a workout that 50% psychological strength – that extra push from a friend is what gets you to the next smaller dress size.


Every routine is scaled to your ability, and believe me it’s still challenging and sweat inducing. I’m the last person you’d find in a Crossfit gym. I liked my lavender iced towels and Kiehl’s products at Equinox – but sadly the didn’t burn the fat off my waistline – Crossfit did. It’s the best bang for your buck and the best bang for your body.


Try it – what do you have to lose – except for those extra pounds you’ve been paying a fortune to never lose.

Paulina Gigante
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