For some reason Crossfit has a bad name.

Many women think that joining Crossfit will not only get you injured and very muscular. But also there is a belief that the Crossfit environment is very intimidating and frightening.

If you join Crossfit you’re going to get screamed at by some abnormally large man as you struggle through a weight that is way too heavy for you.

If you join Crossfit you’re going to end up looking like this gargantuan Amazon like women with muscles protruding through your body.

Well I’m here to set the record straight.

Now you may be thinking how does this guy know what hes talking about? So I’ll tell you.

I have owned a Crossfit gym for over 12 years now, we were the first Crossfit to open on Long Island.
I have seen countless members come and go over the years studying how their bodies react to the Crossfit workouts. So I think I’m qualified to at least know what the workout does to your body.

First let me start by saying Crossfit is not much different than any lifting routine out there, the only difference is that we keep out workouts intense, reason being intensity is what causes the body to get results.

Without intensity you will stay the same, not unlike most people who go to the gym and never look any different over years of training.

With that said intensity is varied for everyone, what may be intense for me is not necessarily intense for someone else.

We never make you do something, lift something or make you do something to intense for you. Its not a torture chamber, it’s a gym.

As far as getting injured, anyone can get injured doing anything.  If you walk wrong or run incorrectly or play a sport your not familiar with you can get injured.

Crossfit is not unlike any of the activities I just mentioned, yes you can get hurt doing Crossfit but if you have a coach that cares about your well being and you pay attention to what you’re doing most likely you wont get hurt.

I can honestly tell you that over the years there are many people that have never gotten hurt doing Crossfit and yet have gotten hurt running or biking.

The “I’m going to get big and muscular” myth needs to get be busted right now.

I’m gonna be brutally honest and tell you why you are getting big doing Crossfit or any type of exercise program.

First let’s talk about muscular big. There’s no way a woman can get muscular unless they take performance enhancing supplements or if they are just genetically large woman.

If we are talking about fat big this has nothing to do with working out and everything to do with how you eat!

When you workout you put on muscle.

If you don’t eat well you get fat.

The muscle pushes out the fat therefore making you look even bigger, hence the myth of “Crossfit gets me big”.

And lastly, the Crossfit environment is that of a friendly one, there is no one screaming at anyone other than your friend and training partner cheering you on as you finish up the workout with everyone else.

The myth of someone yelling at you and making u feel like your a worthless piece of cow dung is far from the truth!

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