Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, September 28th


800 meter run
30 Box jump @24/20
30 Pull up
30 Swings @55/35
30 Walking lunge
30 Knees to elbow
30 Push press
30 Back extension
30 Wall ball
30 Burpee
30 Double Under
-400 meter run-
20 Box jump
20 Pull up
20 Swings
20 Walking lunge
20 Knees to elbow
20 Push press
20 Back extension
20 Wall ball
20 Burpee
20 Double under
800 meter run
Then pass out for 15 minutes, go eat some eggs, meat and vegetables. If you’re Jordan go jump in a 38 degree pool, slice some mother fuckers shoulders open, and cook up a feast fit for a king. All while on camera! Then rinse and repeat!

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, September 27th

10 Min EMOM
Min 1-5: One squat clean thruster
Min 6-10: One squat clean and jerk
Start light and build for all 10 minutes

On the Assault bike complete 350 calories with a partner.
“I go, you go” style
Men 15 cals
Women 10 cals
These should be treated as all out sprints. Do not get on the bike and start peddling at a slow pace, your partner is waiting!
If you’re not going to sprint all out, just sit in the corner with all the people that don’t do double unders.

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, September 26th

Bench Press
5 x 5 @50%
Same as yesterday. Three seconds down, 1 second pause at the bottom and explode up quickly.
You brace yourself on the bench also, right? Just cause you are lying down doesn’t mean you don’t brace. We always brace, even walking through the grocery store. You never know when you might have to knock someone into the candy for stealing the last 36oz rib eye!

Bike 10 x 10
Swings @55/35

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 25th

Back Squat
5 x 5 @50%
Three seconds down, pause for 1 second then drive up quickly. This is not a race, focus on moving slowly through each rep.
The weight is light so you can do this correctly. Count the 3 seconds slowly and make sure you pause for 1 second at the bottom.
You should be bracing from the start and holding that tightness throughout each rep. Make sure you are staying braced at the bottom and while driving up.
This is important for your spine. I feel like some of you ignore this, Don’t!

Row 1,000 meters
50 Thrusters @45/35
30 Pull ups
Try and finish under 10 minutes
If you do this quickly, even with an empty barbell you’ll be fuckin shot. If you dawdle around, I guess you won’t be shot.

Shout out to everyone who crushed the Cow Harbor race this past weekend.
These guys trained several months for this run. That’s a lot of dedication, especially for those who don’t run or rather just hate running in general.
Fuckin Awesome!

Nick takes up a lot of space in the pictures. He did well cause everyone in front of him didn’t want to get crushed and got the fuck out of the way.
Congrats to all of you!

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, September 20th

Every :90 x 8 rounds
1 Power clean
2 Jerks
1 Hang squat clean
Increase every 2 sets

10 Sets
250/200 meter row
1 minute rest between sets
These are all out sprints.

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 18th

Front Squat
Let’s try and find our 1 rep max today.
Your 1 rep max is a test to find your absolute strength while front squatting.
This is not a workout so don’t do 15 sets to work up to your max.
Do something like: 10-7-5-3-1-1-1
You don’t need a spot to find your max front squat, dump the weight forward.
If you find yourself losing stability and your form starts suffering, you’re done.
Don’t keep raising the weight if your form isn’t spot on.
You’re not helping anyone by leaning forward, especially your spine.

Because Peter and Santiago lost my dog while running, you are all being punished with more running.
If not for Larry showing up out of nowhere like Superman with an “L” for Larry on his chest, she would be running into traffic right now.
Larry’s like a dog himself the way he sniffed out her scent. At least Santiago gave her medical attention, Peter didn’t even look at her teeth.
Bike 50/30 cals
5 Rounds
Run 400 with a 20lb vest
20 KB snatch @55/35
20 Wall Balls @20/14
Actually do the whole thing with the vest. If you don’t have a vest I’ll hop on your back. I’m gonna hop on Peter’s back, while he does the Cow Harbor.

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, September 15th

A. 6 Min EMOM
1 Power snatch
1 Hang Power snatch
1 High hang power snatch
Increase the weight each set, unless you can’t and you’re workin on technique. In that case keep the weight the same.
B. 4 Min EMOM
2 Hang squat snatch
With the weight you finished A with.

5 rounds
10 Hang power snatch @115/75
10 Overhead squat @115/75
10 Pull up
Maybe try 135/95 lbs (that would be fuckin brutal)

To continue from yesterday. If you don’t put yourself first, why is that?
Don’t they say when you’re on an airplane and shit goes sour to put your oxygen mask on first before your family?
Does this selfishness only apply to a hazardous aviation situation? Is it even an act of selfishness?
What if the time you took to put your mask on could have saved others?
I’m just asking, please explain.
My question is, if you don’t put yourself first, explain why and what might be different if you did put yourself first.
The more responses the better, so answer the fucking questions, please.

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, September 14th


20 min EMOM
Odd minutes: 20 cal row
Even minutes: 15 Burpees

Now you can describe what it is that makes you think you put yourself first.
Yesterday’s question required a yes or no answer. No explanation of why or how, just a yes or no.
Now you can give a description of why you believe you put yourself first.
Some of the email responses felt like an attack. I am simply asking a question out of curiosity, nothing more.
Also, your responses only require an answer, not a question directed towards myself.
I ask the questions, you give the response. No asking me questions
That’s not how this works, stick to the plan and answer today’s question of the day.
Describe what it is that makes you feel like you put yourself first.

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