Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 31st

Snatch Work
6 Sets every :90
Squat Snatch form the floor + Overhead Squat+
Power Snatch from the hang
Increase each set


Complete as many reps as possible in one minute per exercise
1. Pull up
2. Push up
3. Air Squat or Box Jump 20″
4. Row or Bike
5. Rest
Four Sets total

Let’s talk about your gut. Just like getting punched in the gut is a shitty feeling, the same goes for eating shitty food. Actually I’m not sure which is worse, the feeling of getting punched or the feeling of eating crap. I would say whichever feeling is worse at the time, over time eating crap is worse for you.
As we’ve spoke about before there is a nerve in your gut that sends signals to your brain. So, if you eat shit, your brain basically gets shit signals. No one wants shit signals.
Besides the whole nerve issue there’s the issue of gut inflammation, this is another punch in the gut.
Think about what you eat and drink, you can’t just be stuffing shit down there like it’s a garbage disposal. Unless you’re eating healthy foods like meat and veggies you are causing inflammation in your gut, even some vegetables like nightshades cause inflammation. Inflammation in your gut is no good, causes all sorts of funky shit not to mention aids in helping auto immune issues fuck yo shit up.
You got to think about stuff like this man!
Crap food is bad enough but then you throw alcohol and sugar on top of the bad food and you’re looking for an explosion to occur, like the old Mentos and coke explosion!
This is your belly we’re talking about, treat it with kindness

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 30th

Single Leg RDL with single Kettlebell
5 sets 5 reps ea. leg
Focus on your form and technique, the weight is not important if the mechanics are not there. However, if your technique proper use a heavy Bell.
Rest 1 min between sets

5 rounds
35 Double Unders
8 Deadlifts @135/95 (If you feel like you can go heavier, please do)
30 Ab Mat sit ups

These workouts, even though most are done for time, does not mean you forget about correct movement through each exercise.
Doing the workouts quickly with no regard for form and range of motion will eventually lead to injury.
Yes, the quicker you move through the workouts the more beneficial they will be, but your safety always comes before anything else.
Keeping yourself healthy is part of your training. Be sure to always focus on keeping braced and protecting yourself from injury, not just throwing your body or weight around haphazardly.
Don’t give me the excuse, “during the wod I get tired and my form starts to suffer”. That’s crazy talk. If form is the main priority then either slow down or use less weight. This way you won’t be too tired to do everything correctly.
Correct movement is numero uno. Once you have proper form then you can increase the weight and move quicker. If never ever starts the other way around.
Ego causes this, it’s silly. Risking injury over an ego, silly, silly, silly.
This isn’t a race to the finish line, staying in shape is about longevity. Being in shape and staying healthy is important as we age, you don’t want to be an old out of shape mess who falls breaks their hip and dies. I’m sure I’ll be the first one that happens too.
Take yo shit seriously! This is your body, treat it well.

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 28th

5 Rounds
8 Strict Pull ups
8 Single Arm Bench Press (8 reps ea. arm) Heavy Dumbbell for 8 reps

-Rest 2 min-

50 Double Under
Then …
5 Rounds
15 Wall Ball
15 GHD Sit up
15 Dumbbell Snatch 50/35
Then …
50 Double Under

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 27th

Who snacks at night while watching TV just because it’s nighttime and you’re watching TV?
Is there a specific show you watch while snacking, or is it just TV in general?
If you’re looking to drop weight this is what’s called a “bad fuckin habit”.
What do we do with bad habits? We break em!
Of course, if you’re looking to gain weight and look sloppy this would be considered a good habit.
So, I guess it’s all how you look at it.
If you are part of the group looking to drop weight it’s time to break the habit. How do you break the habit of snacking at night?
You stop doing it! There’s no magic trick. It’s the same as trying to lose weight, stop over stuffing your face. Once you stop doing this stuff for several days the habit will disappear and a new one will reappear. Hopefully this new habit does not involve food.
Creating new habits is what it takes to change your lifestyle and start eating well. Most of when and what we eat is habitual.
So, break the shit habits and replace them non shit habits and you’ll start looking the way you want to look.

Back squat
5 x 8 @ 65%
Work with a partner, your partner is your rest.

5 Sets
10 Double Kettlebell Swings (45/26)
8 Double Kettlebell Cleans (45/26)
6 Double Kettlebell Thruster (45/26)
1 Min Rest Between Sets

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 24th

9 Minute EMOM
1. Hang Power Snatch x 2
2. Snatch x 2
3. Overhead Squat x 3
Rotate through the movements. 1st minute complete 2 Hang Power Snatch
2nd minute 2 Squat Snatch, 3rd minute 3 Overhead Squats.
Increase the weight after each minute, then start lower at the beginning of each round.
If you start with 95lbs for the 1st minute, then increase to 105lbs for the Snatch and then 115lbs for the Overhead sqaut.
For the 2nd round start higher than 95lbs.

Run 400
Then 2 Rounds:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 23rd

4 Rounds
One minute each station
2 minute rest after each round
1. Wall Ball 20/14
2. Hang Power Clean 75/55
3. Box Jumps 20″ (better to do a box height that you can jump up and down consecutively)
4. Push Press 75/55
5. Bike for cals
Rest 2 minutes
Your goal is reps, you don’t have to do the Rx weight.
Much better to lower the weight so you can keep moving.
Keep track of your reps for each round. Try and keep the reps consistent.

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, March 22nd

So, I’m going to assume everyone stopped eating sugar on Monday cause that’s what the email said to do.
How’s that working out for everyone so far?
You have to stick it out for two weeks, after two weeks it won’t seem so difficult to stay away from sugar. Give yourself a chance to feel what it’s like
when your body is free of sugar toxins!
You’ll sleep better, you’ll think clearer (although that one seems to keep getting away from me), you’ll feel better, and in just two weeks you’ll see a difference in your body. No more bloat!!!
Try it, it’s much easier than doing double unders.

Perform the complex
2 Hang Clean pulls
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
Every 90 seconds/ 7 Rounds

Row 1K
50 GHD Sit ups
If you don’t normally do GHD Sit ups, maybe try 10 of them and 40 sit ups. If you have never done GHD Sit ups, stick with 50 Sit ups.
If you do Toes To Bar or Knees to Elbows, do half and half.

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, March 21st

Who doesn’t have double unders yet?
I say yet cause I have faith, faith that one day God (this could be any God or higher being of your choice as not to cause any feelings of an attack on religion) will come down and grant you “dedication”. Then and only then will you have the mental power to
push yourself to consistently practice the elusive double under.
What is, the double under? Well, in non technical terms the double under is jumping over a rope rotating around your body.
In technical terms, it’s the same fucking thing! It’s not that difficult of a movement, it really isn’t. I mean I’m not asking you to spin around on your head, ya know like a break dancer.
It’s a rope, you jump over it, that’s it. Maybe it moves slow or maybe it moves fast, but either way you’re just jumping over a rope.
So, you stopped eating sugar today, now let’s get double unders tomorrow!

Bench Press
5 x 5
3 seconds down, up fast
Keep the weight the same for all 5 sets after sufficient warm up sets.
DO NOT include warm up sets as part of your 5 work sets

10 RFT
20 Double Unders
5 Thrusters @135/95 (Heavy)
7 Pull ups

Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 20th

What’s up chubb rocks, tomorrow is the first day of Spring, that means the nice weather is on the way.
What it also means is you have to shed that layer of mush you put on your body over the winter. If you haven’t been eating well now is the time to start before the summer gets here and you try to drop 30 lbs in one week to fit in your bathing suit. We all know how that cycle goes. Starve yourself till you’re ravenous then pig out till you wanna puke, then feel like crap so you starve yourself again, and again, and again!
As we all know that doesn’t work so let’s not put ourselves in that position.
Eat well for March and April, then by the time May get’s here you can slide into your pants instead of holding your breath and squeezing into them.
Ya know what I’ve heard works well? Not eating sugar, so let’s start there.
Think of yourself as one of them butterflies busting out of their cocoon’s, except your cocoon is fat.

Bulgarian Split Squats
4 sets 6 reps ea. leg
Slow and controlled movement.
3 seconds down, steady and quick on the way up.
Use a partner as your rest

20 minute EMOM
Alternate between
Even minutes: 15 Swings 55/35
Odd minutes: 8 Burpees

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