Where do you want us to send our membership pricing information?

At CrossFit Syosset we choose not to post the Membership Pricing on the website for several reasons.

Allow me to explain:

First of all the major reason we don’t post the price is because unfortunately some people choose their CrossFit gym based on Price which couldn’t be any worse of a reason to choose your gym other than that reason of convenience.

A lot of unsuccessful CrossFit gyms will purposely lower their monthly rates just to try and draw members in to the gym because they know they are not a good gym.  They know their coaching is lousy, their equipment is minimal, they have no sense of community, the gym is dirty etc… so what do they do?   They try and undercut everyone in the business to get members.

Unfortunately some people fall for this and end up hurt or unhappy.

Choosing your CrossFit should be a process, first you need to go and try out the gym for a short period of time which is why we give everyone a two week trial period for free before they choose to sign up.

Everyone needs to see first if CrossFit is for them, it’s definitely a tough workout and some people don’t want tough they want easy.  Sadly for those type of people “Easy” workouts don’t get you looking great, tough workouts do.

Once you have decided if the CrossFit Way is for you then you need to decide if they Gym is to your liking.
Is the gym Clean, is the gym big enough for a large class, is there enough equipment in the gym to suit a large class (you don’t want to join a gym that is restricted to the workouts they do due to lack of equipment), are the bathrooms nice, is the gym well taken care of, Are the Coaches good coaches, etc…

You need to see if you mesh with the people in the gym, are they your type of people.  Do you get along with them.

I know that when everyone comes into our gym for the first time they are greeted as if they have been there for years, 10 years in CrossFit Syosset’s case.  Does the gym have a great community?

You don’t want to workout with people that are so competitive that they are going to force you to go too hard and too heavy so you end up getting hurt.

This is a huge problem, this is a reason why CrossFit has a bad name and people think that CrossFit get you injured.  Because members in the gym are pushing you to do something you can’t.  This is not CrossFit, it’s ego.

Then there’s the Coaches, how are they?

  • Are they helpful?
  • Do they spend time with you when your new or an old member?
  • Do they have an attitude when they do have to help you?
  • Are they good CrossFitters but bad coaches?
  • Do they know how to coach?
  • Do they know their audience?
  • Are they Articulate when going over the workout?
  • Do they only care about you going heavy and fast and not about your safety?
  • Do they only care about there own accomplishments and not their members?
  • Do they only care about the “Great Athletes” and no one else?
  • Do they keep things clean?
  • Are they attentive when you ask a question?
  • Do they reach out to everyone and go out of their way to keep you abreast of whats going on in the gym?

These are all qualities that a good coach should possess that Price can not tell you.

After you have chosen that CrossFit is for you, you like the people in the gym, the Equipment is clean and there is plenty of it, the coaches are good Coaches, and you are happy with the community the gym has to offer then you should decide on what gym you want to go to.

Any other way of choosing your CrossFit Gym is irresponsible, this is your health you’re talking about, take it seriously.

Choosing the wrong gym can end up in disaster.

You can end up very unhappy with the gym therefore you are not going to go and it’s hard enough to stick to a workout without having to hate the place you train at, you can end up causing more stress in your life and worst of all you can get seriously injured.

Do your homework and find a CrossFit Gym that is right for YOU!

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