A Lifestyle

People often ask me “What do you do?”
My response: “Huh? Who me? What do you mean?”
“What do you do to look like that? You must not have any kids.”
Me: “I’ve got two kids.”
“You must not work.”
Me: “I have a full time job.”
“You must go to the gym every day.”
Me: “I wish, but my schedule doesn’t allow it.”
“So then, what do you do to look like that?”
Me: “CrossFit!”


For me, CrossFit is Empowering – It strengthens the mind and body. Humbling – Imperfections and failures help you learn and succeed. Addictive – There is always room for growth when the ceiling is never high enough. Community – Like-minded, supportive people surround you. A lifestyle.


It’s the constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity that yield results. However, it is the commitment to take responsibility over one’s health that transforms one’s body and self-being. I may not be able to get to the gym every day. However, I can control what I eat, drink and how much I sleep. And when I do get to the gym, I give it my all.


It’s a simple input/output mindset that speaks to the CrossFit lifestyle. Commit to the lifestyle and you will have lasting change that goes beyond the surface. Commit to the lifestyle and you will never look anywhere else!

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