The Closest Thing to the Magic Bullet

There is no magic bullet for skinny & fit – but there is Crossfit and it’s the closest thing you will find. I have tried every diet and workout craze. I’ve belonged to corporate gyms, NY Sports Club, Equinox, kickboxing gyms, yoga centers. I’ve had private trainers and countless spin session at Soul Cycle and so many variations of boot camp classes. I have never seen the value for my money. In fact, if I add up how much money I have spent per pound lost – I’d probably have to have my head examined.


Then I found Crossfit and I actually lost weight, got fit, got strong. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s because the program works. Forget what you see on TV. Forget what your friends tell you about flipping tires in the parking lot. None of this is the real Crossfit. There is no reason to be intimidated – I want to dispel these myths. If you train right and you listen to the instructors, you will not get hurt and you will not bulk.


What you will do – is lose weight, tone and take years off your life. The program is designed to keep your body in a progressive state of improvement. I kick my own ass everyday, and I love it. I also like how my ass looks, now that I’ve kicked it.


I’ve made some amazing friends along the way. Perhaps it’s the friendship and the camaraderie that’s the secret sauce to the success so many of us see at Crossfit. It’s an inspiring environment where everyone lifts each other up and helps you across the proverbial finish line. No one shames you, no one demands you do something you can’t do. They only push you to do your best, and when doing a workout that 50% psychological strength – that extra push from a friend is what gets you to the next smaller dress size.


Every routine is scaled to your ability, and believe me it’s still challenging and sweat inducing. I’m the last person you’d find in a Crossfit gym. I liked my lavender iced towels and Kiehl’s products at Equinox – but sadly the didn’t burn the fat off my waistline – Crossfit did. It’s the best bang for your buck and the best bang for your body.


Try it – what do you have to lose – except for those extra pounds you’ve been paying a fortune to never lose.

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