Changing my Body the Way I Like

CrossFit is the first addictive sport that is also changing my body the way I like so I’ll definitely do it.


It’s really common to hear that lifting weights makes you bigger, and this mental approach keeps away a lot of women to everything that is heavier than 15 lbs. I was totally convinced by the same way of thinking and seeing every sport that involves this kind of activity. Well, only after 7 months doing CrossFit, I totally changed my mind: lifting weights is the only effective way you’re gonna get the tonic body we are all dreaming of.


I’ve done my researches before, to find out that:
A. Excessively big muscles can’t grow in a woman. We don’t have the same hormones as men do.
B. Growing big muscles is much harder than getting fatter or thinner people! You really need a specific and meticulous diet other than working out as an athlete!
C. Muscles get toned before the fat gets burned. That explains why when we start working out for real, our legs look a little bigger. The process of toning is faster than weight loss.
D. Get our muscles stronger makes us leaner. Why? Because we burn more calories and the fat burns down easily.
Well those are just a few explanations about why what I said at the beginning is totally untrue.
I’ve started CrossFit about 7 months ago, and NO SPORT in my life (I swear, I’ve never stopped working out in a way or another) has changed my body so fast and so good as CrossFit did.
Every Workout I get stronger, I get more endurance, more coordination, agility  and flexibility.
I see myself better and most important, which is a consequence, I FEEL better. I didn’t even know that a sport could be so addictive: no matter how I feel, energetic, a little tired, a little sad, super happy, no matter what weather is outside and no matter how my day was, I always wanna get my (toned, thank you CrossFit Syosset) ass to the box!
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