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Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, February 10th

I think there is a breakdown in communication somewhere.
When we are doing interval training like today’s workout, you should be performing the workout in a different way than if you were doing a workout like a chipper.
Let’s say you’re doing a workout like the filthy fifties. You would, or rather, you should attack this workout with the intention of trying to hold a steady pace throughout the extent of the workout. I’m not saying you should do this workout slowly, what I’m saying is, try and keep moving the whole time. If you sprint through it, you’re not going to be able to keep that pace. Plus, it’s a long workout not a sprint.
Let’s get back to today’s workout.
Interval training is designed for you to sprint through the work phase then rest (because you need it) during the rest phase.
If you are doing intervals on the bike you should be killing yourself on that bike. You shouldn’t just get off the bike during the rest period and not even be breathing heavy! That’s just crazy!
You need to go as hard as you can or else there’s no point in doing interval training. Bursts of speed is the essence of intervals!
Is it hard to push yourselves to the point of be uncomfortable, cause if that’s the case than you need to get over that shit.
Once again, I’m not saying go as fast as you can with no regard for form, technique or range of motion. Once all these things are taken into consideration and you can complete the movement correctly, ya gotta fuckin move!
I feel like I’ve said this over and over again so why are there still people lolly gagging through the workouts??

Push Press
6 x 3

Bike or Row 40/32 Cals
4 Rounds
15 Pull ups
4 Complex (1 Squat Clean into thruster + back squat into behind the neck thruster)
Bike or Row 40/32 Cals
*Total pull ups is 60 reps and 16 Complex

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, February 1st

I have another tip that may help with your quest of eating well.
Here it is, write down everything you eat and drink.
Everything, not just what you think matters. Write down every piece of food you put in your mouth. Just because it’s only one piece of candy and not 10 doesn’t
mean it has no calories. Just because you don’t want alcohol to count in your diet, doesn’t make it true.
I can pretty much guarantee that most people have no idea how many calories they are ingesting in a day. There’s no way you can find out what you need to eat to make changes without first figuring out what you are currently eating.
For a week write down everything you eat and when you eat it.
Just because it’s someone’s birthday does not mean your body will void that piece of cake. So, you’re gonna need to write it down. Your body doesn’t know the difference between Holidays and regular days.
Drinking one glass of Tequila doesn’t mean you write down one shot of Tequila.
I’m not implying that this is all done intentionally, on the contrary, I believe it is done subconsciously.
Most people in general don’t want to give up what they eat, they’ll just dream about making changes.
The few people that will actually write down what they are eating will sometimes either be embarrassed not eating well or will maybe just ignore the bad food and play the, “I swear, I eat well all the time” game. Games don’t work when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s kinda like doing 100 half rep wall balls, yet saying you did 100 wall balls, ya didn’t! Just like if you say you eat healthy but really don’t. It’s easy to put on the Lb’s it takes work to lose it!
Be honest, and you shall be set free.

6 Sets
1 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
Increase weight over sets. This doesn’t mean your first set should be light.
Once you hit a moderate weight you start the 6 work sets

6 Min Amrap
6 Power Cleans @135/95
12 Box Jumps @24/20

-Rest 3 min-

6 Min Amrap
6 Lateral burpee over bar
12 Front Squats @95/65

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, January 31st

Hi, we haven’t spoken in a while. Talking to someone today sparked a topic I think we should discuss, yes, it’s about food, and the person is Jen. I won’t say which Jen, (the little one) so don’t ask me.
You can ask her about the conversation so no one thinks I’m attacking anyone. This was discussed between the two parties with no animosity or insinuating phrases towards either person.
Anyway’s, the topic is food and how much you should be eating.
Here’s the secret, if you feel like you have fat (otherwise known as energy) on your body than don’t eat so much food.
If you feel like you don’t have much fat, than you can eat for the energy required to live and train.
So, basically every time you feel like you have to eat ( I won’t say hungry, cause very few people actually eat cause they’re really hungry) think about this.
Do I really need food (energy)?
Do I have any energy (fat) on my body?
Am I eating out of habit or necessity?
Would I pass out and die if I didn’t eat right now due to my body shutting down cause of no energy (I seriously doubt it)?
If your car had a full tank of gas (your body fat) would you fill it up (eat more so you can get fat)?
This is it, it’s that easy. Am I fat, don’t eat.
We eat to support levels of exercise and lift activities. We don’t eat to be a gluttons.
Gluttony is bad.

Overhead Squat
5 sets x 5 reps @65-70% of your max
If you don’t know your max, shame on you.

5 Sets
Every 3:30
12/9 Cal Bike
5 Bar Muscle Ups/ modified muscle ups/ chest to bar pull ups and dips/ pull ups and dips. Either is fine to modify, whatever you choose make it difficult.
12/9 Cal Bike

Core work:
3 Sets:
10/10 KB Around the world’s (55/35)
40 Flutter Kicks with KB Hold (53/35)
15 Toes To Rig with 3 second eccentric

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, January 18th

EMOM for 8 minutes
Perform 1 Clean & Jerk (Split Jerk) increasing weight each minute
Keep the weight moderate focusing on your form.
Work on pulling yourself low in the squat and pushing yourself into a proper split position.

4 Sets:
1 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(30 sec rest or recover pace)
2 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(1 min rest or recover pace)
3 Min Bike, Row or Ski
(90 sec rest or recover pace)

The workout is as hard as you make it. If you choose to move slow and not give it your all that’s exactly what you’ll get in return, a body like a sloth.
If you choose to move through the workout with intensity you’ll be rewarded greatly and end up on the floor wallowing around for oxygen.
This holds true for any workout. If you don’t feel like the workout was enough, take a look at yourself.
Was the weight challenging enough?
Did you modify too much?
Did you move fast enough or did you lollygag through the workout?
Did you stop to blow your nose or was stopping not an option?
Do you push yourself even harder at the end, or do you say, “it’s almost over I can slow down”?
If you answered any of these questions incorrectly you need to change your attitude.

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, January 12th

So listen, you don’t need to kill yourself every time you step into the gym.
You don’t need to do Rx or even close to Rx if it is too heavy.
You don’t need to do the workout’s without modifying the movements or whatever it is you need to modify to move through the workout at a quick pace, and,
You don’t need to come to the gym everyday!
Especially if you’re really sore or feel beat up from coming to the gym 39 days in a row!

You are responsible for the pace of your workouts, you control the intensity. If you went fast and heavy two days in a row try going lighter and quicker the next day.
How you move through the workout should be based on how you feel, if you are sore try going lighter and moving faster. Likewise, if you feel good, try going heavy and fast. This is totally up to you, you just never want to make it too easy, this will not elicit the response we are looking for.
Try going lighter and modifying the movements so you can move through the workout without stopping. If you have never tried this, please do so. You don’t need to suffer through every workout, modify so you don’t have to stop.

Rest is goooooooood!!
Unless your rest days are determined by your work schedule or other parts of your life, take your rest days based on how you feel.
If you’ve come to the gym 4 days in a row and you are feeling super sore, stop! Take a day off and rest.
Give your body time to recover from the damage you’ve caused.
We make micro tears in our muscles when we train, when we recover the muscles heal and grow stronger and larger. If you never give your body a chance to heal from the damage you’ve caused your workouts become counterproductive.
Take your rest days, they are important!


EMOM x 28 minutes
(:40s on/ :20s off)
Double unders or sit in the corner and think about why you don’t have double unders yet
Lunges @DB or BW
Push Ups
KB Snatch @55/35

Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, January 10th

I have to tell you about this Dumbass commercial I saw for Intermittent fasting bars from Slim Fast.

At first I was a little perplexed, the whole Intermittent fasting bar during Intermittent fasting just didn’t sit right with me. A bar that you can eat during your fast …
seems a little suspect, ya know, cause you can’t ingest a calorie during the fasting period.
So, as per usual I decided to investigate this silly idea of eating during your “not eating” phase of the day.

Turns out the Intermittent fasting bar from Slim Fast seems to be a good idea to break your fast, I’m not convinced of that either, I’d rather you break your fast with a healthy meal instead of a meal supplement. But, at least Slim Fast is not pushing their silly bars as supplements during the fast. That would just be ridiculous.
However! There is a product that claims it is ok to eat their bar during fasting and rightfully so it’s called the “Fasting Bar”! How great is that, let’s fool everyone by calling it the fasting bar, they’ll never know the difference!
Somehow the company that created the fasting bar made it so the calories in the bar don’t affect your blood sugar. Isn’t that amazing!
It seems to be that when eaten alone nuts, honey, chocolate chips and coconut have calories, but when these special items are put in a package and labeled “Fasting Bar” all of a sudden those calories disappear, making the bar safe to eat during fasting.
What a terrific idea, just lie to everyone! This way when people buy the bar, eat it during their fasting time of the day and never lose any weight they’ll keep coming back for more bars!
It’s kinda like every other company selling diet products out there.
Just keep lying to everyone so you can keep selling your crap products and no one loses weight. Instead of just saying the truth, just eat meat and vegetables.
Nooooo, why would they say that, how are they gonna rape everyone at the grocery store if you tell them the truth!

Stop with the supplemental crap, just eat whole nutritious foods. That’s it, you don’t need anything but whole foods, and this has nothing to do with the Whole Foods store cause they sell crap food also.
There must be people actually buying these bars, that’s just fucking insane to me.

Every 4 Minutes x 5 sets:
25/20 Calorie Bike
10 Swings 55/35
10 Pull up
10 Handstand push up

4 Sets:
10 DB Bulgarian Split Squats (ea. side)
15 Banded Deadlifts
10 DB RDL’s

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 30th

It’s almost New Year’s Day!
That means a whole new year. That means New Year’s resolutions, right?
For most people that means making fitness goal’s that will never come to fruition.
Not only will they not come to fruition, these goals won’t even get started! This is the normal behavior of most people.
You should be proud as fuck that you do the kind of shit people dream of doing after New Year’s, yet never take place. Not only do you do it, but you do it every fucking day! That’s crazy, people can’t even get started training in general!
Be proud of that shit!

12 Min Amrap
1 Squat Snatch135/95
3 Clean and Jerks 135/95
30 Double Unders

4 rounds
12 DB Prone Row
10 Seated tricep DB OH Extension
12 Single arm band lat pulldown
10 Single arm DB kickback (ea. arm)
Rest as needed between rounds

Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 23rd

7 x 1
Increase weight each set or stay light and perform 3 reps each set focusing on technique

5 Rounds
5 Push Jerk @155/115
10 Burpees

Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, December 22nd

Bench press
5 x 8
Increase weight each set

Swings @55/35 (Flex your ass and quads aggressively, using your hips to drive)
V-up or Sit up

Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, December 21st

It’s Holiday time. That means holiday parties!
For some people this means a license to stuff their chubby little cheeks with as much crap as they possibly can, till they have to run to the bathroom and shit their brains out.
For some people this means breaking out the old pair of elastic waisted sweatpants at dinner time so the belly doesn’t protrude through the normal pants. I think wearing pajamas is in, so maybe they don’t need sweatpants.
This is not normal behavior, gorging yourself because it’s a holiday is not acceptable.
Let’s make this holiday a season of nibbling your food, not inhaling it.

3 Hang power cleans every minute for 8 minutes
Increase weight as you progress

5 Rounds for time
Row 500/400 Meters
10 Back Squats @bodyweight (scale as needed)

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