Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, January 8th

We’re going to start finding our 1 rep maxes this week.
Let me explain how this works a little bit.

So most of you warm up sets will look like this  10-8-6-4 then your work sets will be 1-1-1
With  3 or 4 singles you should be able to find your max.
Use your previous set to figure on your attempt for the next single.
Each single is an attempt, not a set so you’re always trying to get a new PR, so don’t waste these singles by doing weight’s that you know you can get easily.

Your first single should be close to your max, it shouldn’t be so far away that you are adding 20, 30 lbs every set.
It should look like this,  let’s say your old max was 250 lbs and you’re going for a new one rep max.
Your sets would look like this first single 240, second single 250, third one based on how you felt from previous set so let’s say 260 and based on that set you try 264 for your last set.  Don’t sit there adding 10lbs each set no where near your max and you just keep going  up 10 lbs after each one completing 7 sets.
Get to your new max quickly.

Make sure you record your weight!
Either on Wodify or in a notebook


Back Squat
1 rep max


Deadlift @225/155
Handstand Push Up
GHD Sit up

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