Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, May 20th

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, the Crossfit Regionals were on CBS Saturday afternoon.
This is great and crappy at the same time.  As  I had mentioned to several people as I was watching this is just another reason for women to watch this and say “oh my god I don’t want to look like that I can’t do Crossfit.”
The funny part about this statement as I told some of you that were watching it, is that why is it when women see other muscular women they say “I don’t want to look like that” and never give Crossfit a chance because they think they are going to look like them.  Which never happens.
When a man watches this they say “Fuck man I’m never gonna look like that!”
So if the women that say this were correct in their statement that would mean that every guy and girl that does Crossfit looks like these athletes on T.V..

Hmmm, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Very, Very, Very few people look like those athletes on T.V.
So because of this fact I don’t believe people won’t try Crossfit Because they are afraid of looking like this, they don’t try Crossfit because at Crossfit you actually have to work hard.
At Crossfit you are expected to try your hardest.
Most people don’t want to work hard, they would rather go somewhere that takes it easy on them and then when they get no results they can blame the gym they are at.

This is what I think and I think I’m 100% correct!

I don’t know one woman that has been doing Crossfit for a decent amount of time that looks like those athletes on T.V.
So I can’t come up with any other conclusion other than most people are afraid to work hard.

What other information do I have that has led me to come up with this conclusion?
Well, most people that are successful at Crossfit (by successful I mean have stuck with it throughout the years) are hard working people, people that are very successful in other aspects of their lives.  These are not lazy people that wait for things to happen.

People that I see in Crossfit are dedicated people, people who put the time and effort into making themselves into healthy machines, not ones that blame every gym and every diet for their lack of success.

Take Amy for instance, she has four kids and suffers from lack of Bone Density.  Does she say I don’t wanna be that big, that’s disgusting?
No, she knows the importance of weight lifting and how it effects her Bone strength so everyday she comes in and busts her Ass
which is Deserving of Respect.
She could make excuses but she Chooses not too.

With all this evidence behind my theory I see no reason you should all not agree with me.

So, next time you tell one of your friends to join you at Crossfit and they say they don’t want to get big and muscular like the women on T.V. you can tell them so basically you are afraid to work hard, and don’t want to take any responsibility for not looking the way you want to right.
You won’t have too many friends but at least you’ll be telling people what they need to hear.
It’s good stuff I’m not one to sugar coat anything either.


Run 800
6  Rds
(5    Chin Ups:  10  Burpee Broad Jumps (Reverse):  15  Goblet Squat 70/45)
Run 800


Clean and Jerk:  85% x  1 rep x 3 sets
Snatch 85% x 1 rep x 3 sets
Pull ups 3 sets max reps each set

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