Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, July 3rd

Paulina was asking for this picture back in the line up!
Here ya go Paulina 

The Question?
Is the 2nd shot photo shopped or is the 2nd shot a real Ass?
Personally I like to believe it is a real Ass, but I believe the 1st shot is a real Ass also!
The Authors point?  The girl with the 2nd Ass Shot Squats a lot and the girl with the 1st Ass shot has not only not ever done a Squat but has never done any weight training in her life.
What is assumed, that she does Cardio, lots a lots a cardio and has not an ounce of muscle from all the cardio she does.
This is not me, this is from the author of the story I took the pics from.

Anyways, Make sure you Squat!


1 Power Snatch
2 Hang Power Snatch
2 Snatch Balance

Complete 1 complex every 90 seconds for a total of 7 complex


6 Min EMOM
6 Double KB Clean and Jerk
6 Front Rack Lunge

Rest 2 Min

6 Min EMOM
6 Double KB Thruster
6 Burpee

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