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I’m thinking of having a competition within the gym.
I want to see if there is any interest in this idea.
Here it is let me know by email if you are interested and I’ll put it together.

What:  A competition held on Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks straight
during the weekend we’ll be competing at different venues Beach, Pool, Woods, Trails etc..
Several wods throughout the day each day.
The Rx weight and movements will be necessary there will be no modifications or scaling.
You will not know the workouts will we are going to do them.
There will be a Women’s and Men’s competition competing at the same time
This is a no bull shit competition, no one will be helping you through the wods, you are on your own
To make it well balanced there will be wods of every nature, some good for heavy competitors, some good for light, some good for tall some good for small etc…
The Rx weights and movements will be at a high skill level, unfortunately this means not everyone will be able to compete but on the other hand think about how much harder you will train to be able to compete in this
This is perfect for anyone who needs to compete and loves to compete in something totally different than what they are normally used too

Where:  Most of the time at the gym but we will be going all over the place, like I mentioned, the beach, pool, trails, parks etc…  You will be responsible for getting to the venue on your own at a certain time.  If you cant make the time don’t sign up
Like for instance if you know you are a late comer.  We’ll be using the weather and different places as part of the workouts

When:  Once I know there is interest and we can get a good amount of people I’ll post when

How:  You should be prepared for anything to be thrown at you.  These won’t be like our normal wods
I’ll be figuring out how to fuck you up real good.
If you can’t give yourself to this event don’t sign up

Cost:  There will be an entry fee to sign up for the event and there will be a cash prize for the winner of women’s and men’s categories.  This is going to be a serious competition so only tell me you will do this is you are serious about it.

*****Send me an email if you are interested or if you have any questions.  Try and send this right away so I can get it going if we are going to do this*****

Also, I’m trying to think of a name for the comp. so if you have any ideas send that along with your interest.

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