Crossfit Makes you Strong

Alex and I started doing CrossFit 10 years ago at the age of 40. Alex has a gymnastics background and I have ballet background. We both were blessed with effortlessly thin bodies for much of our lives, but both felt like our bodies started changing as we hit our 40s. We started doing CrossFit 3-4 times a week in 2009, and haven’t stopped since.


CrossFit teaches you how to use your body as a whole. We have learned how to properly do Olympic lifts that require both physical and mental strength and timing.


I don’t think there’s anything more effective in helping to get through stressful times in life than the feeling of being physically strong. Crossfit makes you strong. Crossfit makes your bones strong too. It’s money in the bank for when we are in our 60s, 70s and beyond. A Crossfit workout = an instant good mood and feeling of invincibility. We walk out of the gym knowing we can handle whatever the day has to bring.


The myth that Crossfit makes you “big” has no merit. Bad eating makes you “big.” Building lean muscle doing CrossFit makes you dense and strong – not big.


As far as CrossFit causing injuries, that is also a myth. We have never felt pressured into doing anything at Crossfit that would injure us. In fact, almost every workout we’ve ever done at CrossFit included modifications for anyone that has a knee, shoulder, back etc issue. Getting stronger actually protects all of your joints and prevents injuries.


Finally, every woman I have met during my decade of CrossFit training has been an inspiration. Any woman that wants to have a strong, healthy body and strong healthy mind should be doing CrossFit.

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