The Importance of EATING!

Here’s Steph again, she is down to 14% BF!   She used to be like 25!

She got like this from eating… eating a lot of Food!!

I keep telling you guys you’re not going to lose fat if you don’t eat enough food and for most of you what you think is enough is far away from even the minimum amount of food you need to eat.
If you just eat your BMR you’re not going to lose fat.  If you just eat 2 or 3 meals a day you’re not going to lose fat, If you train everyday and starve yourself you’re not going to lose fat!

The only way you are going to lose fat is if you eat enough food to make your body feel like you’re going to keep eating throughout the day.  Once your body feels like your going to starve it your body will retard fat burning.  Bam!  No Fat Loss!

You need to listen to me or else you’re never going to look how you want to.

You’re going to be chasing a certain type of body and never reach it.

You need to eat and eat a lot!

I don’t know what to do to get you guys to understand what I’m saying.

Other than “STOP STARVING YOURSELF”!!! You need to eat every  2 and half hours, Every meal needs to be protein, fat and veggies. Eat until you go to bed.  Don’t stop eating at 6pm cause you’re going to get fat if you eat close to bedtime!

Stop the madness and start listening to me!!!

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