Body Fat Truck Results

So some or actually most of you might have noticed that your body fat was quite higher than the last time we had it done.
Well, you will be relieved to know that it has nothing to do with you.
I’m not sure what the other guy was doing but all this number where messed up big time.  I actually feel horrible that I pushed you guys into doing it and then you go and spend the money and the guy ends up being a tool.
After seeing most of the older numbers from the previous truck they just didn’t make sense, the way people looked didn’t match up with the number.

The new Truck we got now, MATT Federico’s truck is pretty much on point.
Why you ask?  Or don’t ask.  Because our bodies actually match our percentage from the machine.

Here’s what Bodies look like with certain percentages.

This is a pretty accurate model of what body fat percentages look like and this time around matches up pretty well with our results.
I just don’t want you to but upset if your percentage went up a lot.
Don’t be upset just now work your way down to where you want to be.
Personally I’m contemplating letting everything go and end up like the 40% pic and just happy as a pig in shit.

Regardless don’t let it bother you to the point you obsess about it.
Do the best you can, eat as well as you can while still enjoying your meals, train hard to the point that you still enjoy all your training and have fun.

Don’t let things like weight control your mind.  Every minute you spend thinking about something that doesn’t matter in the end is another waste of a minute of your life.  Over your lifetime you are going to be wasting a shit load of time.
Find out a pic you can live with and live either work towards it or feel great with what you have.

Don’t spend your time focusing on crap, negative crap, crap that keeps you depressed.

Focus all your attention on important things in life and keep things like weight and other bullshit under control.
Stop wasting anymore of your life obsessing about shit!

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