Body Fat Results sceeeewed

So some or actually most of you might have noticed that your body fat was quite higher than the last time we had it done.
Well, you will be relieved to know that it has nothing to do with you.
I’m not sure what the other guy was doing but all this number where messed up big time.  I actually feel horrible that I pushed you guys into doing it and then you go and spend the money and the guy ends up being a tool.
After seeing most of the older numbers from the previous truck they just didn’t make sense, the way people looked didn’t match up with the number.

The new Truck we got now, MATT Federico’s truck is pretty much on point.
Why you ask?  Or don’t ask.  Because our bodies actually match our percentage from the machine.

Here’s what bodies look like that match up to their%

Women normally have higher body fat percentage than men due to breast tissue and the pleasure of being able to carry babies.  So If you are a woman Don’t fret at 25 to 35%.  You can see the difference at the same percentage between guys can girls

Now that you are more aware of the percentages You know what you need to do.  Just work on where you want to be.
Up or down, it’s just as difficult but if you stick to it and don’t start cheating all time it will happen.

Just give it some time Don’t get discouraged.
Now that you know what to do, do it!

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