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You’re welcome.
I had to write this because there seems to be a good amount of people who think not eating or eating very little is the answer.
Listen to me!
You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. You just have to start eating better food.
As much as I would like it to be, this not a game of extremes. You do not go from stuffing your face with crap to starving yourself. It doesn’t work like this.
You need to get it out of your head that eating food will make you fat, and start thinking that eating a lot of good food will cause me lose weight.

The quantity of the food is predicated upon whether you are trying to gain or lose weight.
The quality of the food you eat will determine the amount of food you’ll be eating in proportion to the amount of calories you take in.
Calories is what causes weight gain or weight loss. Get that through your fuckin head, Just because you restrict your carb, fat or protein intake does not mean you will drop or gain weight. It’s the amount of calories you eat that will decide weight loss/gain.
Stop with the fuckin, I got no time to put my calories in the app. Stop with the, I don’t eat eggs or whatever the fuck it is you don’t eat.
You have a goal, eat or don’t eat whatever it is you have to so you can reach that goal.

If your magic number is 2,000 calories a day you are going to get to eat an awful lot more chicken and egg whites than you would if you chose to eat a Big mac and french fries as your calories, right?
Did you know there are 19 ingredients in McDonalds french fries? How crazy is that
Did you know the french fries that restaurants use come coated or uncoated? It’s true, I had no idea, just found out today.
They are coated with flour and or fat when being processed. This means they take a fucking potato and make it worse for us by processing it with shit to it so it taste better and keeps everyone happy. Is that fucking ridiculous?

Are you understanding the whole calorie thing better?
If you have a goal to gain or lose weight and don’t track your calories I would say that’s retarded.
How can you solve a math equation without keeping track of your numbers?
Unless you’re not really taking it seriously, which I can totally understand, there are a hell of a lot more important things than your health.
It’s not that difficult, the only difficult part is you. Figuring out “you” is the biggest problem.
You can try all the diet programs you want, from Jenny Craig to Paleo to Keto to who knows what. It won’t make one bit of a difference, cause you still got you and until you figure out why you have to eat in excess you’re never going to solve the problem.

Did you know its national sleep day today?
Yeah, it’s for people to catch up on sleep. Musta been that hour on Sunday that fuckin killed everyone.

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