Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, April 20th

There seems to be a lot of misconception on what certain Body Fat percentages look like.
First let’s all look at what they really all look like:

This chart shows you what real percentages look like so there is no more mistaken what you think you are or what your goal is to be.
Now, the sign up sheet for the body fat truck is up on the desk, but there is only 5 names on it, WTF!

listen, the first part of your goal is knowing where you are at.  If you don’t find that out how can you know where you want to go?
So, sign up for the fat truck.  It should be a necessity to you.



5 Rounds @155/110

12 Deadlifts
9  Hang Power clean
6 Push Jerks
No, you cannot use three or two different bars.  I know the deadlift is going to be easier than the rest of the movements, that is designed on purpose.

After the wod…

Front Squat

Same weight for all sets

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